HUNTINGTON BEACH…Audio Geer, Inc., headquartered in downtown Huntington Beach is the recipient 2009 Rep of the Year award from Utah-based Listen Technologies Corporation. Audio Geer covers Southern California and Southern Nevada for Listen. “The coveted Representative of the Year award is the Listen ‘Oscar’,” said Cory Schaeffer, Listen VP of Sales and Marketing. “It’s the big award which is awarded to the one rep firm who had solid growth, had the largest amount of active dealers and the lowest number of inactive; the rep firm who does the demos, communicates with Listen on a regular basis and shows us their passion – and yes – meets or exceeds the sales quotas. Audio Geer met all of these criteria and we are thrilled to give them this award.” From left to right, front row: Criss Neimann, Dudley McLaughlin, Zack Rickard, Ben Frederick, Mike Cromer, John Stack (all with Audio Geer) Back row: Mark Merrick (Listen), Michelle Shimizu (Listen), Alan Geer (Audio Geer), Patrick Herlihy (Listen) Audio Geer was also given a Quota Buster award by Listen. This award is presented to rep firms meeting or exceeding their sales quotas for the year. Audio Geer received this award in two categories: FM Products and Infrared products. Two individuals from Audio Geer were also selected to receive Listen’s Bull Dog award, which was given to a total of ten people throughout the USA. “These individuals have proven that they have the tenacity to never let go of an opportunity; they have more ‘BITE’ than ‘BARK’ and they chase the opportunity until it’s closed,” said Cory. Criss Neimann and Dudley McLaughlin of Audio Geer were recipients of the award. “We’re thrilled with the consistently strong performance and enthusiasm of Audio Geer and our rep firms, “Cory said. “We feel that Listen has some of the very best reps in the industry who clearly communicate our solutions as well as our company vision to their customers.”