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– Premium provider of AV and video collaboration solutions in Southern California becomes certified in Hearing Loop Installation –


BLUFFDALE, UTAH July 7, 2016Listen Technologies , a leading provider of assistive listening products for more than 17 years, announced today that 17 Southern California-based employees of AVI-SPL, a national provider of audio visual (AV) and video collaboration solutions, have received Level 2 hearing loop certification from Listen Technologies.


Hearing loop systems use a magnetic field to wirelessly transmit audio to a person’s telecoil-enabled hearing aid or cochlear implant. ListenLoop, the system offered by Listen Technologies and powered by Ampetronic, provides individuals with hearing loss the ability to enjoy a discreet listening experience without background noise, competing sounds, or other acoustic distortions that reduce sound clarity.


Listen Technologies’ hearing loop certification program includes web-based instruction and hands-on training of how hearing aids and hearing loop systems work as well as how to assess an environment for suitability. The coursework includes detailed instruction on the equipment used in hearing loop systems, how to interpret loop design drawings and apply best-practice installation techniques. Successful completion qualifies a dealer or system integrator to purchase and install perimeter loop systems.


Why Certification is Needed:

Buildings present many variables which could possibly interfere with the hearing loop system’s magnetic field. Through the certification process, Listen Technologies applies a systems view to minimize interference and ensure the best possible installation. A properly designed, installed and operating ListenLoop system delivers real tangible benefits for the end user.


Listen Technologies has developed multiple levels of training to ensure the quality of loop installations and to support dealers’ long term success in the hearing loop market. AVI-SPL supports its customers with design, consultation, installation, and training to ensure that the best quality solution is delivered to meet the needs of a particular application.


“AVI-SPL is dedicated to the ongoing training of our technical staff to better support our customer needs. AVI-SPL now has more Listen Technologies Level 2 certified technicians than any other integrator in Southern California.  It’s an honor to work with such a great organization and I applaud the ongoing and outstanding support we receive from our manufacturers,” said Michael J. Brandmire, Sales Engineer at AVI-SPL.


For more information on ListenLoop offerings and Listen’s full product line, email [email protected].



About Listen Technologies:

Listen Technologies develops products that create exceptional user listening experiences in a variety of groups or gatherings. The company thrives on innovation, leading to the delivery of exceptional wireless communication systems. These solutions are used for assistive listening and language interpretation in houses of worship, tour groups, fitness centers, stadiums and a long list of other cool applications. For more information on Listen Technologies’ newest innovations, including ListenWifi and ListenIR, visit www.listentech.com.


About AVI-SPL:

AVI-SPL designs, builds, integrates, and supports the systems and environments that enable communication and collaboration. AVI-SPL has highly trained and certified system engineers throughout offices across the United States, Canada and EMEA in addition to an international network of solution providers in 30 countries. Visit www.avispl.com for more information or connect with AVI-SPL on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.





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