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New AV Products: June 2014 Round-Up

Listen Technologies Stationary RF Systems


Listen Technologies announced its new Stationary RF systems designed as a solution for system integrators, contractors, and consultants working with venues seeking assistive listening for either legislative compliance or to meet the personal listening needs of their customers. The new systems are available in a range of configurations, offer a competitive price point to installers and high quality sound (with 20dB less hiss than competitive products from other brands), and are backed by an extensive warranty and Listen Technologies’ customer service/support. All systems include all necessary components for assistive listening and legislative compliance. An SQ Super Quiet Companding Switch provides the highest audio quality available when enabled. SQ can be disabled for compatibility with other assistive listening equipment. There are 57 channels offering maximum flexibility, with capabilities for language interpretation and assurance in finding a clear channel. The Look & Listen display on select receivers allows for intuitive use, managing, and programming. Read More >>>