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Listen Technologies Corporation has introduced new collateral to arm the audio visual sales channel with messaging and support tools to sell Listen Technologies’ new product line, ListenPoint.

The new ListenPoint sales tools serve a dual purpose of educating and exciting the audio visual sales channel and providing pass-through items to the end users/decision makers. The collateral focuses on three key vertical markets for ListenPoint: corporate, government and education.

“We knew that if we could create compelling and informative tools for our sales channel to use when presenting ListenPoint to the end user, we would be providing something of value,” noted Russell Gentner, President of Listen Technologies. “Our goal is to arm them with the insights, tools and techniques to take ListenPoint into any meeting and succeed.”

The new ListenPoint sales tools include a brochure for the corporate/government market, a brochure for the education market, a multi-media sales presentation for the corporate/government market and a multi-media sales presentation for the education market. Each of these items can be shared with the end user. “A benefits document was also created for the sales channel as a way to understand the true, unique business opportunity ListenPoint can offer to them,” stated Russell Gentner. “These are challenging times for our channel and we felt it was important to educate them about the opportunity for new and increased revenue.”

To request the new ListenPoint sales tools contact [email protected] or visit the ListenPoint section of the website www.listentech.com/listenpoint.