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InfoComm 2011, Orlando — Listen Technologies announced during its Rep meeting at InfoComm 2011 the recipients of the company’s 2010 Representative Bulldog Awards.

Nine individuals were selected to receive Listen’s Bull Dog award. “These individuals have demonstrated that they have the drive and determination to never let go of an opportunity; they have more ‘bite’ than ‘bark’ and they pursue the opportunity until it’s closed,” said Peter Papageorge, Director of Sales, North America. The recipients of the Bull Dog Award were:

  • Nick Schubert, Sound Vision Marketing
  • Alan Thiele, PCM Marketing
  • Criss Niemann, Audio Geer, Inc.
  • Larry Bickford, CB Electronic Marketing, LLC
  • Mike Wuellner, Online Marketing
  • Ben Frederick, Audio Geer, Inc.
  • Dave Ellison, Ellison Northwest
  • Jeff Ballow, Highway Marketing
  • Ed Wolffe, SECOM
“Listen’s success is a result of our amazing partnerships with our representatives,” said Papageorge. We are fortunate to have individuals within our rep firms that are overachievers and will go beyond the typical manufacturer’s representation. Our Listen Bulldogs are willing to go out and find new business and really make a difference.”