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– Leading provider offers live demos of broad wireless audio product offerings –

INFOCOMM, LAS VEGAS June 8, 2016Listen Technologies (booth C10519), a leading provider of assistive listening products for more than 17 years, is providing live demos of its full product line at InfoComm 2016, including ListenWiFi, ListenRF, ListenIR, and ListenLoop, at booth number C10519. All solutions can be customized to meet any unique requirements. Applications include a wide range of venues ranging from fitness clubs, theaters and houses of worship to stadiums, educational, corporate or government facilities.


ListenWiFi: ListenWiFi is the next generation pro audio solution that is scalable to fit most multi-screen applications, such as fitness clubs, or video wall applications with no monthly fees or hidden contracts for streaming TV audio. The second generation of ListenWiFi provides a personal listening/viewing experience by streaming audio content from any audio source directly to smartphones using a Wi-Fi network. ListenWiFi delivers unprecedented audio quality, manageability and flexibility.


ListenIR: ListenIR offers exceptional and reliable infrared (IR) coverage and the most cost-effective and easy to install solution for assistive listening, language translation or other wireless audio applications. With RF-like sound, twice the power and massive coverage, ListenIR transmits clear, focused audio privately to the intended audience. The ListenIR system includes the LT-84 Transmitter-Radiator, the LA-141 Expansion Radiator, and the iDSP IR Receiver.


ListenRF: ListenRF, available in 72 MHz, 150 MHz and 216 MHz, provides high-quality transmitters and receivers for any assistive listening application in venues ranging from houses of worship and theaters to stadiums and convention centers where a larger RF signal is required. A variety of amplifiers and receivers, including advanced iDSP receivers and stationary receivers, are available to fit the needs of specific applications.


ListenLoop: Listen Technologies is announcing new D Series Digital Signal Processing (DSP) network-controlled drivers for its ListenLoop system, powered by Ampetronic. ListenLoop offers a personal and discreet listening experience to anyone with a telecoil technology in their hearing aid or cochlear implants without additional equipment.


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About Listen Technologies:

Listen Technologies develops products that create exceptional user listening experiences in a variety of groups or gatherings. The company thrives on innovation, leading to the delivery of exceptional wireless communication systems. These solutions are used for assistive listening and language interpretation in houses of worship, tour groups, fitness centers, stadiums and a long list of other cool applications. For more information on Listen Technologies’ newest innovations, including ListenWifi and ListenIR, visit www.listentech.com.



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