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Deliver cinema-quality tour audio in multiple languages with GPS-triggered technology.

Tell a Story

Create an Experience

Grow your Business

Listen NAVILUTION uses GPS technology to trigger prerecorded audio to play as the vehicle or vessel travels through the trigger zone without requiring internet connectivity while en route. Easy-to-use Cortex software lets operators plan routes and set the trigger zones for a customized experience. The audio content can be as simple as an instructional message or as extensive as professionally produced cinematic experiences. In addition, operators can choose to deliver the audio in multiple languages.


Grow Your Business

Open new markets and grow by delivering unique passenger experiences.

Compelling Content

Deliver compelling content in multilingual or multi-topical audio stories. 

Flexible Solutions

Listen NAVILUTION offers flexible solutions including installed and portable systems. 

Couple on boat tour listening to audio through smartphone and earbuds

Five-Star Experiences

Provide a unique, five-star experience through the art of storytelling.

Automate Tours

Automate your tours and deliver a consistent, recorded audio experience.

Delight Guests

Delight guests with GPS-triggered cinema-quality inspiring stories.

Set Yourself Apart

Creative, multilingual, and accessible tours start with great GPS-triggered audio technology. Provide captivating, entertaining tours that topple language barriers and open new markets with Listen NAVILUTION. 

Our tour systems are currently used by 40 million people in:

  • 50+ countries
  • 30+ languages

GPS-Triggered Audio Tour Samples

Listen NAVILUTION Systems
Listen NAVILUTION PA Delivery System

PA Delivery

PA Delivery

  • Installed or portable
  • Uses existing public address system
  • Expandable from single-channel to multi-channel
See PA Delivery



  • Installed or portable
  • Up to 16 channels of audio
  • Wi-Fi delivery to smartphones
  • No internet required while en route
Collage of all products needed for Listen NAVILUTION - including a gps device, monitor, server, and display



  • Installed
  • Seatback controller
  • Up to 60 channels
  • Passenger analytics
Listen NAVILUTION Technology Comparison Chart
PA Delivery BYOD+ Seatback+
Automated GPS and Manual Triggering

Audio Delivery
PA System
Over Wi-Fi to Smartphone (Bring Your Own Device)
Seatback Controller (Digital Hardwired)
Simultaneous Channel Delivery

Display Control Panel

PA System Analog Out

Business Analytics

HDMI Video Out

System Portability

Cortex Cloud Software

Five-Star Guest Experiences

Bus Tours

Bus Tours

Become the most sought-after tour experience in your destination. Listen NAVILUTION is the only solution that helps tour operators design their own unique value-added multilingual tours for any size of operation.

Train Tours

Train Tours

Lift passengers out of the ordinary and take them on an extraordinary journey with the power of story telling. Deliver the same great passenger experience every time your tour departs.

Trolley Tours

Trolley Tours

Bring your tours to life by delivering audio tours designed to entertain your passengers as they learn about your city. Tell a story. Create an experience. Grow your business. Get consistent five-star reviews.

Boat Tours

Boat Tours

Engage your customers by providing entertaining tours that topple language barriers and fill empty seats. GPS-triggered audio in any language, right to your guests' own smartphones. No internet required.

Hop on Hop Off

Hop On Hop Off

Deliver GPS-triggered audio tours in multiple languages simultaneously so everyone can enjoy the same amazing experience. Access new markets and increase sales because your business deserves more customers.

Road Train Tours

Road Train Tours

Take customer satisfaction to a new level by enhancing your passer experience. Deliver reliable, safe, and inclusive automated voice announcements and engaging onboard entertainment.

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Delight your guests and deliver five-star experiences on every tour.

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Case Studies

St. Kitts Tourism

St. Kitts Tourism

St. Kitts is an idyllic island, perfect for sun-seeking tourists—but destination marketing groups, local officials, and tour operators were missing out on the full tourism opportunity. Major cruise lines, carrying thousands of passengers per ship in the Caribbean each year, were passing by St. Kitts as a port of call, a loss of hundreds of thousands of tourists per year.

Full Case Study
Water view of a boat tour with a skyline in the background.

Mariposa Cruises

Mariposa Cruises

As a corporate event and sightseeing company, Mariposa Cruises had limited resources to devote to personalizing tours for foreign language visitors. The company wanted to keep engaging and delighting its customers and needed an innovative solution to create experiences that attracted key foreign language markets.

Full Case Study
Sightseeing bus next to the ocean with attendees inside.

Gray Line Westcoast Sightseeing

Westcoast Sightseeing

Gray Line Westcoast Sightseeing struggled to find drivers with the ability to provide high-quality tour narration, so the company invested in the performance improvements necessary to pursue new market opportunities while improving the delivery of tour narration to achieve quality and consistency.

Full Case Study
GPS-Triggered Audio Insights
The range and quality of Listen NAVILUTION allows our riders to comfortably hear everything the tour guide is saying – even on a busy/noisy street. The tour guide system provides a more professional and enhanced experience to the tour, and both our guests and our staff love them.
Max Rastelli Segway Nova Scotia, Owner
We have a busy tour operating business working with all the major cruise lines calling into St. Thomas. We specifically created an island excursion featuring the Listen NAVILUTION tour guide systems, which our drivers, guides and tour participants find very easy to handle and use. This team is a pleasure to deal with and they are always willing to go that extra step.
Martyn J. Crawford Topsails Inc., President and Owner
The Listen NAVILUTION tour guide system was a great success in our 15-day Ukraine cruise project for 180 passengers. The system worked amazingly well on the busy and loud streets and village visits. The passengers and guides loved it. The bottom line was that it helped raise the bar for international roots tourism. Take a bow!
Walter Unger Vision 2000 Travel Group