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– ListenWiFi streams audio content from multiple TV or audio sources directly to customers’ smartphones –


INFOCOMM, LAS VEGAS June 8, 2016Listen Technologies (booth C10519), a leading provider of assistive listening products for more than 17 years, announced enhancements to its line of ListenWiFi products at InfoComm 2016. ListenWiFi is a second generation pro audio solution designed to enhance any video environment by providing audio wirelessly to a personal smartphone. ListenWiFi is ideal for venues with video panels, projectors or video walls such as fitness centers and commercial, corporate or university facilities.


ListenWiFi delivers unprecedented audio quality, manageability and flexibility. Customers download the app, connect to the ListenWiFi network and tune into the channel displayed on the TV. The second generation of ListenWiFi includes the ability to easily manage audio channels and the app contents via the cloud.


New ListenWiFi enhancements include:


ListenWiFi uses its own Wireless Access Points for the Wi-Fi Personal Listening network. In addition, ISP connectivity provides internet access for listeners connected to the Wi-Fi Personal Listening network as well as providing automatic software upgrades, ensuring the system is always up to date.


“The new ListenWiFi enhancements demonstrate Listen Technologies’ commitment to providing the most innovative solutions,” said Russ Gentner, CEO of Listen Technologies. “ListenWiFi is the simplest to install and most robust WiFi solution available, and Listen Technologies is the most trusted authority in the professional audio industry. We provide the support and design expertise to help venues maximize their investment.”


The new ListenWiFi design also allows an upgrade path for improvements with WAP and smartphone technology in addition to future audio input options. The second generation of ListenWiFi with the new enhancements will be available to ship on September 1, 2016.



For more information on ListenWiFi offerings and Listen’s full product line, email [email protected].



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Photo caption: The server for Listen Technologies’ line of ListenWiFi


About Listen Technologies:

Listen Technologies develops products that create exceptional user listening experiences in a variety of groups or gatherings. The company thrives on innovation, leading to the delivery of exceptional wireless communication systems. These solutions are used for assistive listening and language interpretation in houses of worship, tour groups, fitness centers, stadiums and a long list of other cool applications. For more information on Listen Technologies’ newest innovations, including ListenWiFi, ListenRF and ListenIR, visit www.listentech.com.




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