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– The iDSP 150 MHz RF Receiver provides superior listening experience for venues in Australia and New Zealand –

BLUFFDALE, UT May 18, 2016Listen Technologies, a leading provider of assistive listening products for more than 17 years, today announced that it has expanded its range of iDSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing) products with the new iDSP 150 MHz Receiver. As the newest addition to the successful iDSP line of RF receivers, which includes 72 MHz and 216 MHz, the iDSP 150 MHz, offers the same precise audio quality and improves the entire listening experience. The 150 MHz frequency specifically serves the needs of the Australia and New Zealand region.


With Listen Technologies’ unique DSP SQTM noise reduction technology, iDSP 150 MHz receiver offers 20 dB less noise and hiss than other RF receivers, advanced battery technology to dramatically reduce the cost of ownership with a field replaceable Lithium ion battery, and an integrated neck loop/lanyard with a built-in DSP loop driver that improves the listening experience for T-coil users. In addition, iDSP is the smallest device of its kind, making it easier to wear and easier for venues to dispense, store and maintain. Two versions of the new 150 MHz receiver are available: LR-4200-150 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver and LR-5200-150 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver .


The LR-4200-150 and LR-5200-150 receivers are compact, lightweight and feature superior audio quality along with two headphone jacks and a convenient USB port for easy charging and updates via the iDSP software suite. The LR-5200-150 has an OLED display to program channel names, monitor battery status, channel status, and charge activation. It also includes a programmable channel select button that allows users to cycle through active channels as well as the ability to seek or lock a specific channel, which is ideal for applications such as language interpretation.


“We’ve been partners with Listen Technologies for over 16 years, and we’re really excited to be able to offer this brand new range of receivers to our customers,” said Shane Bailey, Managing Director of National Audio Systems located in Australia. “Listen Technologies dedication to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace is displayed by the manufacturing of the region-specific iDSP RF receiver for our territory. The “Receiver Revolution” goes International! And our clients can now enjoy the great new benefits of Listen’s market leading technology.”

“The new 150 MHz receiver joins Listen’s successful iDSP line of personal listening products that provide a significantly improved user experience. We are pleased to be able to offer a superior listening experience to a variety of venues in Australia and New Zealand,” said Russell Gentner, CEO of Listen Technologies. “In addition to our 72 MHz, 216 MHz and Infrared models, the 150 MHz model positions Listen Technologies for global growth and gives us the ability to meet the needs of a wider range of customers around the world.”


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About Listen Technologies:

Listen Technologies develops products that create exceptional user listening experiences in a variety of groups or gatherings. The company thrives on innovation, leading to the delivery of exceptional wireless communication systems. These solutions are used for assistive listening and language interpretation in houses of worship, tour groups, fitness centers, stadiums and a long list of other cool applications. For more information on Listen Technologies’ newest innovations, including ListenWifi and ListenIR, visit www.listentech.com.


About National Audio Systems:

With a clear goal to create a single source for audio and related products, NAS has forged a secure place in the Australian commercial and professional audio industry. Committed to ongoing investment that meets rapid industry growth and changing client requirements, our vision for the future is to set the industry benchmark in Australia and beyond. For more information on NAS, visit www.nationalaudio.com.au/