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Listen Technologies, the leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 22 years, has partnered with ESS Audio, a leader in sound system design and installation in Poland. ESS Audio will distribute Listen Technologies’ Listen EVERYWHERE, ListenTALK, and ListenIR solutions in country. 


ESS Audio is a premier reseller and integrator in Poland. The company has implemented sound systems in concert halls, theaters, universities, radio and television studios, offices, public administration institutions, and sports and entertainment halls.


“ESS Audio is renowned for offering outstanding service, unparalleled expertise, and the best sound system technology,” said Flemming Bjerke, vice president of business development and managing director of Listen Europe, Listen Technologies. “We’re excited to partner with ESS Audio in Poland to bring Listen Technologies solutions to market and meet the needs of customers seeking audio solutions that support physical distancing and safety protocols.”


Listen Technologies’ wireless communication systems let employees and guests hear clearly and maintain safe physical distance. ListenTALK is a mobile two-way communication system that enables group communication with the touch of a button. Users can hear others clearly up to 200 meters away, without shouting, even while wearing masks. The units are easy to clean and disinfect and are ideal for manufacturing and office environments. Listen EVERYWHERE streams audio over Wi-Fi to personal smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Applications include drive-in movies, graduations, and worship services.


“Businesses and venues that implement physical distancing measures to protect employees and guests don’t want to compromise communication, productivity, and engagement,” said Witold Karalow, vice president, ESS Audio. “ESS Audio is proud to represent Listen Technologies in Poland and bring its wireless audio solutions to market. Listen Technologies makes it easy for people in corporate, manufacturing, house of worship, and academic environments to hear and collaborate despite distance and masks.”


About ESS Audio

ESS Audio is the exclusive distributor of the Harman Professional group in Poland, the largest manufacturer of integrated audio and video solutions in the world. With decades of leading brands such as AKG, AMX, JBL Professional, Crown, dbx, Soundcraft, BSS Audio, Studer Lexicon and Martin, Harman Professional provides not only a single product, but also a complete audio/video solution tailored to each project. At ESS Audio, we design, consult, train, support integration of AV systems, and provide comprehensive solutions and service. We have been the industry leader for almost 30 years. We set market trends, taking part in the implementation of the most prestigious facilities in the country. For more information, visit http://www.essaudio.pl/.