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Listen Technologies Corporation new product line ListenPoint offers system customization options via the ListenPoint Control Unit (CU) or free ListenPoint software. The cutting-edge customization functionality comes in response to customer demand for innovative capabilities for both the installer and the end user.

ListenPoint is a simple, affordable way to improve the quality of sound and bridge multiple audio sources within your small room setting. The ListenPoint line includes three core components; Control Unit, Room Module, and the M1 Microphone/Media Interface.

The default settings of a ListenPoint system can be customized for simple applications for the end user, such as changing the name of the auxiliary inputs to a personalized name. Advanced customization options like room equalization allow the installer to enhance the intelligibility of the system’s audio sources.

“When we set out to design ListenPoint, we wanted to make it really simple for the end user to use and flexible for designers and installers to customize the system to specific applications,” noted Russell Gentner, President of Listen Technologies. “Our goal was to better meet the exact needs of the end users and the installers without making it too complicated.”

The ListenPoint customization options can be accessed via the LCD and control dial on the ListenPoint CU, or optionally via the free ListenPoint software available for download at https://www.listentech.com/support-tools-downloads.

Customization options include:

  • Input Names – customize the name or label for any auxiliary input
  • Speaker Control – adjusting the amplifier trim, recall EQ, adjust EQ, speaker EQ, room EQ cut/boost, room EQ parameters
  • Language – select from English, Spanish, German, French, Italian
  • Paging – paging volume, page ducking – none, low, medium, high
  • Microphones – low battery beep – on/off, IR link beep – on/off, button disable, mic auto off, low battery LED, auxiliary volume control – on mute/disable, auxiliary ducking, soft button, soft button short, soft button long, room module IR loss time out
  • Auto Select – CU to automatically detect the current active input allowing system to make intelligent decisions for operation
  • CU Input Trims – auxiliary trim 1 – 4, T-con trim, balanced trim
  • GPI Relay – control how the relay behaves – latching, momentary, duration of momentary
  • Password Management – added security for the system
  • Screen – adjust for operation, contrast, backlight delay, orientation, inactive mode, inactive period
  • System Reset – reset back to factory defaults
For full details on ListenPoint please contact [email protected] or visit www.listentech.com/listenpoint.