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Listen Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 25 years, and Ampetronic, a world-leading provider of audio induction loop systems, debuted AURI™ today at ISE 2024. AURI™, powered by Listen Technologies and Ampetronic, is the first installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast™ broadcast audio technology. The new system will ship later this year.

Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ is a new standard for Bluetooth® Low Energy audio. It can broadcast audio simultaneously to an unlimited number of Auracast™ compatible devices, including receivers, hearing aids, earbuds, and smartphones.

Auracast™ is part of the new Bluetooth® Low Energy audio specifications. This is the first time Bluetooth® has supported broadcast audio, which unlocks a variety of new use cases, including wide area assistive listening.

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are active members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) working to make Auracast™ broadcast audio technology as reliable and widespread as possible.

AURI™ – The Evolution of Assistive Listening

AURI™, powered by Listen Technologies and Ampetronic, is the first Auracast™ broadcast audio-based solution for assistive listening.

“Auracast™ broadcast audio technology will enable Auracast™ compatible devices to connect to transmitters in public spaces and receive high quality, low latency, energy-efficient audio, but it will take time for all devices to support Auracast™,” said Tracy Bathurst, chief technology officer at Listen Technologies. “Listen Technologies and Ampetronic have developed the first solution to let venues and end users adopt Auracast™ broadcast audio technology for assistive listening applications. AURI™ harnesses the power of Bluetooth® Low Energy so venues and end users can enjoy improved audio accessibility and better hearing.”

AURI™ is the first product Listen Technologies and Ampetronic have developed together since the companies announced their partnership and creation of a single source for assistive listening technologies and solutions.

AURI™ will include networked installed transmitters for large and small spaces, dedicated receivers and charging bases, and a complete line of accessories, including headphones, neck loops, and network management and configuration software.

AURI Features and Benefits

AURI™ will:


AURI™ will ship later this year. To see a demo of AURI™ at ISE, please visit the Listen Technologies-Ampetronic Booth 3Q220 in Hall 3 or contact Katye Bennett at [email protected].