Due to the limited availability of parts, Listen Technologies will be discontinuing the LR-600, both the 72 and 216 MHz frequency bands, within the next 60 days or sooner based on current inventory. Listen Technologies will also be discontinuing the LA-316 Expansion Speaker for the LR-600 and LR-100 for the same reason. We may re-introduce a new receiver/speaker in 2012. If you are a current owner or dealer of this product, we will continue to warrant existing products under the Listen Technologies Limited Lifetime Warranty.If you have an immediate need for a speaker/receiver for wireless audio consider using the Listen LR-100 which is available in 72 and 216 MHz frequency bands. The LR-100 is a stationary receiver which can be paired with almost any speaker – including the LPT-A106S 4 in. (10 cm) Wall Mount Speaker. See specification for details.https://www.listentech.com/lr-100.htmlhttps://www.listentech.com/lpt-a106-2.htmlFor further questions about this change, please contact a representative at Listen Technologies at +1-801.233.8992 or [email protected]