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SOUTH OGDEN, UT. – Three uniquely different Utah companies sharing a common bond are making big waves in the international audio industry. Skullcandy, U.S. Translation Company and Listen Technologies have all found success in state, national, and international markets with a specialized set of products and services. Some of the fastest growing businesses in Utah and the nation, each company offers contrasting products and services, while at the same time working hand-in-hand to reach new markets beyond their target audience.

– Park City, Utah

Founded by Rick Alden in 2003, Park City’s Skullcandy Headphones has been growing at an exponential rate since its inception.

Skullcandy excels at analyzing a demographic (i.e. extreme sports) and developing a product that addresses specific needs of that group. Take the Asym ear bud for example – designed to stay steady on trails, half-pipes or anywhere else with its one-of-a-kind asymmetrical shape and over -ear design.

Manufacturing the “sickest headphones, earbuds, and iPod docks” and backed by a lifetime warranty, the company posted annual revenue of $85.5 million in 2008, growing 6251.60% between 2005 and 2008, capturing the 14th spot on Inc. Magazine’s 2009 list of 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.

In 2010, the company made the list again at number 256, pulling in another $124.7 million in 2009, re-asserting itself as a force to be reckoned with in the international consumer electronics industry.

Skullcandy’s diverse product line includes over-the-ear, in-ear, sports, DJ, and wireless headphones; in addition to clothing, apparel, mp3 players, speaker docks, and more.

Listen Technologies
– Bluffdale, Utah

Founded in 1998 by Russell Gentner, Keldon Paxman, Cory Schaeffer and Kelli Lundgren, Listen Technologies is a leading provider of sound solutions for a diverse range of organizations, venues, and clients.

Initially, Listen offered industry-leading products for auditory assistance, language interpretation, tour groups, and “soundfield” equipment such as digital receivers, stationary and portable transmitters, and specialty microphones. Today Listen boasts a wide range of audio solutions found in various venues from stadiums to boardrooms, to next-generation classrooms.

Revolutionary audio products like ListenPoint® — a unique small-room collaboration system that brings together multiple audio sources (mp3, mics, dvd players) to put speakers, teachers, and presenters in the center of the sound – have been proven to enable students’ ability to hear in the classroom, ultimately cultivating a better learning environment and increasing test scores.

Using the small wireless M1 microphone and/or other media interfaces can be worn by the speaker to send audio to several speaker units tactfully mounted throughout the space. The result is an elevated level of amplification filling the room with a subtle increase in sound that fosters interactivity, attention and understanding. Products like ListenPoint were made with education in mind but can be applied with ease to settings from the board room to the courtroom.

U.S. Translation Company
– South Ogden, Utah

Another 2010 Inc. Magazine 500|5000 business, South Ogden’s U.S. Translation Company completes the common thread between Skullcandy and Listen by providing interpretation services to some of the biggest conventions, conferences, and events in the country (many of which are held in Utah i.e. USANA, XANGO, 4Life, NuSkin).

Using professional interpreters fluent in over 100 different languages to interpret speeches, Q&A sessions, and other spoken word material, the language firm also provides the interpretation equipment necessary to pull off the massive events.

Enter Listen and Skullcandy.

Known as simultaneous interpretation, linguists sit in soundproof booths while listening to a live feed of a speech or presentation – then, they simultaneously translate the information into a target language while maintaining inflection, tone, and emotion. It’s a difficult job performed by seasoned professionals that typically hold graduate level degrees in interpretation and language arts.

The interpreter’s translated words are broadcast through transmitters with antennae to portable receivers the audience members have clipped to their belts.

Listen Technologies’ transmitters and receivers are used by U.S. Translation at these events, and Skullcandy headphones’ compliment the receivers to offer event attendees the most comfortable, high quality audio product available. U.S. Translation’s commitment to using the best linguists and equipment is mirrored by the integrity and quality of Listen and Skullcandy’s products.

“After a significant amount of research we chose the products from Listen and Skullcandy because they are widely recognized as the best in their respective industries,” U.S. Translation Company President David Utrilla said. “The fact that they were both in Utah was a coincidence, a really nice coincidence because it’s much easier to deal with suppliers if they are nearby.”

Situated on the western slope of the Rockies, these companies are undeniably putting Utah on the map in each of their specialty niches.

Adhering to a strong backbone of ingenuity, quality and honesty—instead of a quick sell on mediocrity—has helped each company thrive in an uncertain market, breaking new ground with like-minded businesses in the process.

U.S. Translation Company is an ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038 certified & registered language firm headquartered in South Ogden, Utah. The SBA 8(a) translation agency provides high-quality document translation services as well as full-service interpretation solutions in over 100 languages for organizations around the world.