This product is discontinued and the information here is only for reference. It has been replaced by the LA-311

16-Unit Portable RF Product Charging/Carrying Case w/Removable Lid (Discontinued)

This 16-unit drop-in charging case is designed to store and charge up to 16 portable Listen RF products (LT-700, LR-300, LR-400 or LR-500) Drop the units in the case, and they’ll turn off automatically when fully charged. A power cable connects the case to a standard electrical outlet. It also has individual earphone storage slots to prevent cable tangling, and a large pocket to store the power supply, headsets, and/or additional items. The sleek, sturdy case has durable latches and includes a shoulder strap for easy transport. Use with NiMH batteries.
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One (1) LA-325 16-Unit Portable RF Product Charging/Carrying Case w/Removable Lid
One (1) Power Supply
One (1) Shoulder Strap


  • Sturdy case with hard foam interior and durable latches
  • Detachable lid
  • Stores up to 16 receivers or portable transmitters
  • Pocket stores earphones and/or other accessories
  • Earphones can remain attached to receivers during storage
  • Case comes with keys and can be locked for security
  • Detachable nylon carrying strap

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Power Supply Input100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1200 mA
Power Supply Output7.5V, 4A, 30W
Power Cord Length12 ft. (3.7 m) with line cord


Width18.5 in. (47 cm)
Height7 in. (17.78 cm)
Depth13.75 in. (35 cm)
MaterialLockable hard case, interior foam, removable lid
Shipping Weight10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Weight7.6 lbs. (3.5 kg)
Shoulder Strap LengthAdjustable 33 to 53 in. (83 to 135 cm)


Power Supply ComplianceUL, CE, GS, TÜV, RoHS


+What is the warranty of the LA-325?

All cases have a 3-year warranty.

+Does Listen offer case for more than 16 units?

Yes. There is a configurable case (LA-320) for up to 20 units. This case does not have charging capabilities.

+Do the earpieces fit into the case?

Not all the earpieces fit. The ear buds and the ear speakers will fit nicely.

+Can you ship the case without packaging it up?

No, shipping cases without external packaging, the cases can be easily damaged and equipment lost. Always use additional packaging when shipping cases.