This product is discontinued and the information here is only for reference.

7.5 VDC Replacement Power Supply for Charging Systems (Discontinued)


The LA-204 power supply is compatible with both our LA-311 and LA-321 Charging/Carrying cases, and can be purchased separately as a backup or replacement option. It plugs into a standard 120 VAC outlet to provide consistent power for charging multiple units simultaneously.

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One (1) LA-204 7.5 VDC Replacement Power Supply for Charging Systems


  • Compatible with LA-311 and LA-321 Charging/Carrying Cases
  • Available for purchase as a backup or replacement for the original power supply included with those units
  • Provides consistent power to safely charge multiple units at the same time

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Power Supply Input100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1200 mA
Power Supply Output7.5 VDC, 4 A, 30 W
Power Supply Connector.02 in. (5.0 mm) OD x .01 (2.5 mm) ID, barrel type


Shipping Weight2.0 lbs. (0.9 kg)
Cable Length12' End to End
Weight1.6 lbs. (0.7 kg)


Power Supply ComplianceUL Listed




+Is a LA-204 Power Supply included with the LA-311, LA-321?

Yes, but can be purchased as a replacement as well.

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