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Safely and easily transport and store up to eight (8) receivers with the LA-322 8-Unit Portable RF Product Carrying Case. Sturdy foam interior features individual slots for eight receivers, as well as two large pockets ideal for storing earphones and additional items. Durable latches keep the contents securely contained during transit, and the included shoulder strap offers a convenient way to carry the case to and from classrooms, conference rooms and more. (NOTE: Case not suitable as a shipping container)


One (1) LA-322 8-Unit RF Products Carrying Case

One (1) Shoulder Strap


  • Sturdy, secure case featuring a protective foam interior
  • Conveniently stores up to eight (8) receivers
  • Interior pockets provide additional storage for earphones, cords, and accessories
  • Locking latches offer additional security
  • Detachable nylon shoulder strap for hands-free carrying
Product Specifications


MaterialLockable hard case, interior foam
Shipping Weight9.0 lbs. (4.1 kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D)13 x 18.25 x 6.75 (33 x 46 x 17 cm)
Weight6.2 lbs. (2.8 kg)
Shoulder Strap LengthAdjustable 33 to 53 in. (83 to 135 cm)
QWhat is Listen Technologies product warranty?
AClick for Listen's product warranty.
QDoes Listen offer case for more than 8 units?
AYes. There are cases for 16 units and a configurable case for up to 20 portable products.
QDo the earpieces fit into the case?
ANot all the earpieces fit. The ear buds and the ear speakers will fit nicely.
QCan you ship the case without packaging it up?
ANo, shipping cases without external packaging, the cases can be easily damaged and equipment lost. Always use additional packaging when shipping cases.
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