Adhesive Installation/Warning Tape 50 m. (164 ft.)


Ampetronic supply a special high quality adhesive tape for affixing copper tape to floor surfaces. The tape has a printed warning message and symbols designed to alert others to it presence, purpose and importance.
The warning message printed on the tape is especially pertinent if visible before a floor covering is fitted. To alert inform carpet fitters of its location so that can avoid cutting the cables for example.

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  • One (1) ACWP50 Adhesive Installation/Warning Tape


The carrier layer of the tape is LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) coated Polyester (65%) / cloth (fabric material 35%). The glue is a natural rubber &
synthetic resin.

Ampetronic Printed Warning Tape is 50mm (2”) wide and supplied in 50 meter (164ft) reels.

The color is white and printed with a blue warning text and hearing loop logo ‘T’.

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