Remote Antenna Kit (150 MHz)


With monopole and dipole antenna options included, the LA-132 remote antenna kit provides you with a single solution for all remote antenna needs. Included mounting hardware allows the antenna to be mounted on walls, electrical boxes, horizontal surfaces (flat and inverse), or even inside walls and ceilings. The full kit is complete with the required components to configure several different versions of the antenna, and 7.6m (25 ft.) of coaxial cable are included to allow for ideal placement and easy set up.

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One (1) Grounding base
One (1) Mounting bracket
One (1) Wall/electrical box mounting plate
One (1) Shorting plate
One (1) Antenna module
One (1) 7.6 m (25 ft.) coaxial cable (terminated with BNC connectors on both ends)
Two (2) Telescoping antennae (150 MHz)
Two (2) Flexible antennae (150 MHz)
Two (2) Hex kep nuts
Two (2) Fiber washer
Four (4) Machine screw (#8-32×3/4”)
Four (4) Machine screw (#6-32×3/4”)
Four (4) Tapping screw (#8-1/2”)
Four (4) Dry anchors


  • Monopole and dipole antenna options included
  • Complete kit features all necessary mounting hardware for a wide range of mounting options
  • 7.6 m (25 ft.) of coaxial cable included for installation nearly anywhere





Frequency Range150.800 MHz - 152.350 MHz
Number of Channels32 (6 wide band, 26 narrow band)
Antenna TypeMonopole and Dipole
Unity Gain0 dB


Shipping Weight5.0 lbs. (2.27 kg)
MountingWall mount, dual and single electrical box, ceiling electrical box, horizontal surface mount (such as on top of a rack), ceiling/inverse mounting, flexible mounting in-wall or in ceiling and mast or conduit mount.
MountingIncludes self-tapping sheet metal screws, drywall anchors, and all hardware required to mount to electrical boxes. Does not provide hardware required to mount to a mast (available at most hardware stores).
MountingBracket Dimensions: 4.5 in x 7.0 in x 2.5 in, (11cm x 18cm x 6.4cm), W x D x HPlate Dimensions: 4.48 in x 4.55 in, (11.4cm x 11.6cm)
Dipole Vertical Length38.50 in. (97.8 cm)
Weight4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg)




+What is Listen Technologies product warranty?

+What is the best way to mount this antenna for maximum range?

For maximum range, use the telescoping dipole antenna and place it as high as possible.

+Why would I use this antenna kit?

The kit allows for multiple options of mounting the antenna.

+What length coaxial cable comes with this antenna?

7.6 m (25 ft.)