C Series MultiLoop Driver (5 Amps x 2)


The C5-2 Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark a substantial development in assistive listening technology. C Series units feature digital signal processing and networking functionality, and enable fast, accurate setup and adjustment via a very simple and easy to use user interface. Ampetronic has engineered the C Series to offer the high end performance, consistency and certainty of results usually associated with top of the range induction loop drivers, all for the price of a mid-range amplifier. Class ‘D’ drivers built into the C Series ensures low running and maintenance costs. Network and Dante versions enable installers, technicians and facilities managers to remotely control the driver and monitor its condition status along with resistance and induction measurements. Fault condition alerts via email or Telnet provide reassurance that an operator will be informed of any issues with performance delivery. The C5-2 features 5 Amps RMS current loop output, plus ample voltage headroom, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Installation can be performed with total confidence; unique, multi-stage filtering ensures compatibility with other systems and global EMC regulations.

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C Series hearing loop drivers applications include

  • Lecture Theatres & Conference facilities
  • Stadia, Sports Halls, Cinemas & Theatres
  • Courts Rooms, Airports & Railway Stations


The C5-2 Multiloop hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic offer:

  • Performance, consistency and certainty of results, from affordable entry level units to flagship, market leading, power systems
  • Simple digital interface for accurate setup and adjustment
  • Low running and maintenance costs

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