Cat6 STP Cable Assembly 15.24m (50 ft.)

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The system has been designed to be used with shielded 24Ga Cat6 STP cabling. Performance of the system is optimized with the use the shielded Cat6 STP cable and cannot be guaranteed if a lesser quality cable is used. This standard Cat6 STP cable features durable, shielded RJ45 metal connectors with a surrounding tab protection boot for snag free handling and operation.

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One (1) Cat6 STP Cable Assembly Cat6-50


  • Cost-effective structured Cat6 STP cabling
  • Robust, screened connector
  • Snagless boot to extend the life of the connection



RJ45One (1) male-male cable pre-terminated with screened RJ45 connectors.
RJ45Booted protection of the RJ45 tab for snagless operation.


Shipping WeightVariable Weights
Cable LengthVariable Lengths
Conductor4-pair 24 AWG Stranded Copper
WeightVariable Weights




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+Is the cabling proprietary cabling?

No, but at a minimum it must be shielded Cat-6 (FTP /STP). Depending on the specification, higher specified shielded category cables can be used for extension cables as well.