Direct Burial Cable 2.5mm²


The direct burial cable enables the hearing loop cable to be installed in soil or concrete applications, providing a cable installation option where there is no floor covering or other installation location available. The EPR-CSP HOFR insulation of the cable is resistant to attack from strong alkalis present in concrete unlike standard PVC insulated wire to prevent loop failure due to corrosion of the copper core. Cable is available in 328 ft. (100m) and 656 ft. (200 m) lengths.

Available in 100 m. (328 ft.) and 200 m. (656 ft.) 


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One (1) ACDB25100 Direct Burial Cable 2.5mm² 328 ft. (100 m)
One (1) ACDB25200 Direct Burial Cable 2.5mm² 656 ft. (200 m)


  • Installed in soil or concrete applications.
  • Heat and oil resistant, flame retardant cable offers more durable installation compared to standard PVC wire.
  • Improves protection where a loop wire needs to be installed in concrete.
  • Supplied in 328 ft. (100 m) and 656 ft. (200 m) lengths.

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Length328 ft. (100 m) or 656 ft. (200 m)
MaterialPVC Jacket
Shipping Weight11.0 lbs. (5.0 kg) -10021.2 lbs. (9.6 kg) -200
Gauge14 AWG (2.5 mm²)
Weight1.9 lbs. (.8 kg)
RatingEPR-CSP HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant, Flame Retardent)
* Specifications subject to change without notice.