Ear Speaker

Item:LA-164 Price:$24.00MSRP
One of Listen’s most popular earpieces, the ear speaker fits easily over the ear. Hard plastic is easy to clean and provides venues with a clean, reusable earpiece. This piece can also be used with hearing aids.

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One (1) LA-164 Ear Speaker


  • Easily cleaned (solid plastic speaker)
  • Single ear clip that doesn’t mess up hair
  • Strong volume output
  • Use with many of Listen’s receivers
  • The receiver’s antenna is built into the headphone cord



Frequency Response20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance32 ohm +/- 15% @ 1 kHz
Headset Input Sensitivity115 dB +/- 4dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW
Rated Power Input50 mW
Max Power Input100 mW


Connectors3.5 mm Stereo


ColorDark Grey
Shipping Weight1 lb. (0.5 kg)
Cable Length36 in. (92 cm)
Weight4 oz. (113 g)






+What is Listen Technologies product warranty?

+Does this fit over just one ear?


+Can you use this with a hearing aid?

Yes. The Ear Speaker fits right over the ear with the hearing aid in place.

+Is this earphone good for tours?

Yes, because it can be easily cleaned and sanitized and it is easy to use.

+Can LA-164 be cleaned?

Yes, this is our most popular ear piece because it can be easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe or any cleaning solution.