90 Degree Helical Antenna (72 MHz)

Item:LA-123 Price:$43.00MSRP

Designed to mount to the rear BNC antenna connector, the LA-123 antenna offers and outstanding coverage range up to 122 m.  (412 ft). The 90-degree antenna is compatible with the 72 MHz versions of our LT-800 transmitter. The LA-123 is also included with the LA-125, allowing the antenna to be placed in front of the equipment rack for specific application and installation needs.

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One (1) LA-123 90° Helical Antenna (72MHz)


  • Outstanding coverage up to 122 m (400 ft.)
  • Mounts with a BNC connector
  • Compatible with 72 MHz equipment including our LT-800 transmitter and LR-100 receiver





Frequency Range72.0250 - 75.9750 MHz
Number of Channels57 (17 wide, 40 narrow)
Typical RangeRange up to 122 m / 400 ft.


Length21.0 cm (8.25 in.)
ColorDark Grey
Shipping Weight0.5 kg (1 lb.)
Diameter1.10 cm (0.44 in.)
Weight45 g (1.60 oz.)