This product is discontinued and the information here is only for reference. It has been replaced by the LS-56-072

Listen Classic Level I Stationary RF System (72 MHz) (Discontinued)


Combining performance, compliance, and affordability, the LS-44 Listen Classic Level I Stationary RF system offers a quick and easy solution for venues with a capacity of up to 100. Starting with our LT-800 transmitter, LR-300 digital receivers, and telescoping antenna, the LS-44 is perfect for a wide range of audio needs including board meetings, in-ear cueing, training sessions, auditory assistance, and more.

The LS-44 is available for the 72 MHz band only.

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One (1) LT-800-072-01 RF Transmitter (72)
One (1) LA-106 Telescoping Top Mounted Antenna (72 MHz)
Four (4) LR-300-072 Portable Digital RF Receiver (72 MHz)
Four (4) LA-164 Ear Speaker
Two (2) LA-166 Neck Loop
One (1) LPT-A107-B Dual RCA to Dual RCA Cable 606 ft. (2 m)
Four (4) LA-361 High Capacity AA Alkaline Batteries (2)
One (1) LA-304 Assistive Listening Notification Signage Kit


  • Ensures public venues deliver an enriched listening experience while meeting new legislative requirements for assistive listening
  • Superior audio quality – 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), setting the industry’s sound quality standard
  • Offers 17 wide band 100% digital channels – Listen receivers are digitally-tuned so the transmission won’t drift
  • Long transmission range ensures coverage for the entire venue

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+What is the function of SQ?

To reduce noise of the systems, Listen offers a noise reduction technology called ListenSQ™. Both the transmitter and receiver must have SQ on to achieve the desired results. If you are planning to use this product with older Listen systems or equipment not manufactured by Listen, you should disable SQ.

+Can I purchase additional LR-300-072 receivers for my LS-44-072 system?

Yes! Order as many as needed. The additional receivers will need an earphone (LA-164) or any other Listen earphones and batteries before being used.

+What is the transmission range of the LS-44-072 system?

Up to 198 m (650 ft.) using the included telescoping antenna (LA-106) option. Level II and Level III Classic systems offer optimum range of up to 305 m (1,000 ft.) using universal antenna kit options

+What is squelching?

The purpose of squelch is to mute the audio output of your receiver when the signal from the transmitter is turned off or is too weak to be received. Without squelch you would hear radio noise in your earphone. The squelch function is preset and cannot be changed on the LR-300.

+What is the difference between the LR-300 and the LR-400 receiver?

The LR-400 is more "user friendly" because it has the LCD Display, which will show the channel selection, battery life and signal strength. The LR-400 also has an adjustable squelch setting.

+Does this receiver sound as good as your other receivers, which are more expensive?

Yes, all Listen receivers have the same superior audio quality (20 dB less hiss than any other competitor).

+How do I SEEK for a new channel?

If you hold down SEEK momentarily, the receiver will search for the nearest channel in use.

+How do I lock the SEEK function?

Holding SEEK for longer than 4 seconds will lock the receiver on the current channel. When SEEK has been locked, the SEEK function is no longer useable until the same process is achieved to unlock the unit. The LED on the top of the device will blink if the unit is locked and requested to SEEK another channel.

+How many receivers can I have in a system?

As many as you need, the number is endless.

+What are the ADA changes related to assistive listening systems?

Simply put, any public assembly area where audible communication is integral to the use of the space, an assistive listening system shall be provided. The assistive listening receivers need to comply with the following table below. For full details visit:

+Is there a limit to the number of transmitters I can use in one room?

Yes. The 72 MHz LT-800-072 has a maximum of (8) eight.