The LPT-M1 ListenPoint Microphone/Media Interface Kit (M1) is a wireless microphone used by teachers and students so they can clearly be heard by everyone in the classroom. It has the ability to interface  to external sources wirelessly such smart phones and lap top computers. It offers exceptional audio quality, ease of use and years of dependable service. The intuitive design allows the user to control volume. The M1 uses advanced lithium ion battery technology and intelligent battery management to maximize battery life, minimize battery charging time and increases the time between battery replacements. The included drop-in charger makes charging simple and fast.


One (1) LPT-M1 ListenPoint Microphone/Media Interface
One (1) LPT-A202 Handheld Sleeve
One (1) LPT-A204 Clips (lanyard, handheld, and belt)
One (1) LPT-A207 Lanyard
One (1) LPT-A201 Charging/Storage Station
Mounting Hardware
   Two (2) #8 Long Screws
   Two (2) #8 Wall Anchors
One (1) LPT-A205 5 VDC Universal Power Supply (Includes -01,-02,-03 and -04 adaptors)
One (1) LA-365 Li-ion Battery
One (1) Quick Reference Card
One (1) Attention Insert


  • Wireless microphone worn by the teacher (lanyard or belt worn)
  • Can also be used as a pass around microphone for students
  • Teacher can adjust volume of microphone and all other connected audio sources
  • Included drop-in charger
  • Connect your smart phone, lap top or other device directly
  • Advanced Lithium ion battery technology provides up to 8 hours of battery life and is charged in under 2 hours
  • Battery is replaced much less often than other battery types
  • Soft button can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as emergency call, screen control and more
Configurations & Architectural Specs

Architectural Specs

The LPT-M1 ListenPoint Microphone/Media Interface Kit (M1) shall communicate bi-directionally with a room module and shall automatically select the transmission channel without user intervention. The M1 shall have a mute/volume control that adjusts the volume of the microphone and the volume of auxiliary input sources. The M1 shall incorporate a Li-ion battery and shall have an operational time of at least eight (8) hours and shall charge in less than two (2) hours. The M1 shall be capable of being used in multiple ways including handheld (sleeve), lanyard, or belt worn. The M1 shall have an external microphone and auxiliary input. The LPT-M1 ListenPoint Microphone/Media Interface Kit is specified.

CAD file(s)

Product Specifications


Internal Microphone to Speaker Output Frequency Re-40 dBu nominal, 100 Ohms, 200 Hz to 15 kHz, +/- 2 dB, < 2.0% (THD), > 75 dB SNR
External Microphone to Speaker Output Frequency Re-40 dBu nominal, 100 Ohms, 200 Hz to 15 kHz, +/- 2 dB, < 2.0% (THD), > 75 dB SNR
Auxiliary Input to Speaker Output Frequency Respon-20 dBu nominal, 10k Ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 2 dB, < 2.0% THD, > 75 dB SNR
Infrared Emitter38 kHz uplink
Infrared Sensor2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, 3.2 MHz, 3.8 MHz


Up ButtonVolume up
Mute ButtonMute microphone
Down ButtonVolume down
Soft ButtonRelay, Aux Mute Control - programmed via software


Red LEDSolid - microphone fully charged, blinking - charging, rapid blinking - battery low capacity
Green LEDSolid - on/off, blinking - muted (twice per second)
Amber LEDSolid/Blinking - programming mode/multi-function operation
BeeperLink to sensor is lost or low battery


Power Supply Input100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.4 A
Power Supply Output5 VDC, 2 A, 10 W
Power Supply ConnectorDC Plug
Power Supply PlugsRemovable plugs (types B, G, I and C included)
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Charging TimeTwo (2) hour charge time
Battery Capacity1180 mAh
Power Cord Length.09 in. (2.3 mm) OD
Operating Time7 hours typically


Width2.0 in. (52 mm)
Height4.3 in. (109 mm)
Depth0.75 in. (18 mm)
ColorDark Grey (outer edges), Light Grey (inner section, buttons)
Unit Weight with Batteries3.8 oz (108 g)
Shipping Weight2.0 lbs. (0.9 kg)
MountingMounting platform provided for wall mounting


Temperature - Operation-10°C (14°F) to +40°C (104°F)
Temperature - Storage-20°C (-4°F) to +50°C (122°F)
Relative Humidity0 to 95% Relative Humidity, non condensing


Power Supply ComplianceUL, CE, ROHS, FCC, Industry Canada
EnvironmentCE, ROHS, FCC, Industry Canada
Used With
QWhat is Listen Technologies product warranty?
AClick for Listen's product warranty.
QHow does the M1 control which source you are turning up or down?
AThe M1’s volume control only adjusts the currently active Aux input. It is usually the source that is playing. If two inputs are playing at the same time, the M1 will control the most recent source to come online (to play audio). You can also adjust individual audio sources via the control unit.
QIs the M1 battery easily accessible for easy replacement?
AYes, there is an easy access door on the back.
QIs there a multi-unit charger?
ANot at this time, the current charger design accommodates one (1) M1.
QCan I use the M1 as a boundary microphone
QCan I plug a non Listen microphone into the M1?
AYes as long as the microphone meets the same microphone output specifications.
QDoes the M1 incorporate sound processing?
AYes, the M1 uses an AGC which controls the volume over a good range, but does not have feedback suppression.
QWhat does the LED do on the M1?
AThe M1 has a tri-state LED. It indicates power on, mute status, low battery power, and some programming modes.
QOn the external line input of the M1 can I mix my microphone audio with this and how do I adjust the input level?
AYes, the external line input on the M1 will mix the external microphone audio. You adjust the level of the mix by changing the output level on your external device e.g. the output of your MP3 player.
QWhen I plug in the external microphone into the M1 does it disable the microphone element on the M1?
AYes, the external microphone takes precedence over the internal microphone.
QCan I lock out the buttons on a M1?
AYes you can via local programming of the M1.
QWhat is the ListenPoint pickup pattern?
AThe ListenPoint M1 has an omni-directional pattern.
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