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The R1 simply plugs into the headphone jack of the iOS device and along with the free downloadable App turns the iDevice into a Loopworks Measuring Receiver. The R1 has built-in circuits to eliminate the variation between iDevices and to set the correct levels. The R1 comes with a quick start guide, a soft pouch for storage, and includes free access to the Loopworks system database for 12 months. After this time there will be a recurring fee of $100.00 per year to access the premium features of the Loopworks system database.


One (1) R1 Loopworks Measure Receiver
One (1) Quick Start Guide
One (1) R1 Handbook
One (1) Soft Pouch


Initial set-up of the R1 is required

Must provide User Name and Email at time of purchase


  • Simple to look at, but it’s deceptively smart
  • Capabilities of an FSM with the power of an iPhone
  • Calibrates itself against the device
  • Plug in headphone to listen to the signal you’re measuring
  • Soft pouch allows for safe storage
Configurations & Architectural Specs


R1 Loopworks Measure Receiver

Architectural Specs

The Loopworks measure receiver shall measure the background noise by determining the level of background magnetic field present in the intended location for the loop system. It shall measure the field strength delivered by the system. The meter shall measure the performance of the frequency spectrum required by IEC60118:2006 standard. It shall have an audio output to allow to the signal to be heard through a headphone or earspeaker. The R1 Loopworks Measure Receiver is specified.

Product Specifications


Frequency Response50 Hz to 8 kHz ± 0.25 dB, 40 Hz to 10 kHz ± 0.5 dB, 30 Hz to 15 kHz ± 0.3 dB
Gain StabilityBetter then ± 0.25 dB over all conditions


Audio Input/Output3.5 mm 4-pole Jack plug for connection to Apple iOS device, 3.5 mm 3-pole jack socket for monitoring with stereo headphones


Coil OrientationVertical when held upright
Reference Level400 mA/m (In field strength mode)


Shipping Weight2.3 oz. (65 g) with a 1 lbs. (0.45 kg) minimum
Dimensions (H x W x D)2.05 x 1.09 x 0.38 in. (52.0 x 27.5 x 9.5 mm)
Weight0.36 oz. (10 g)


Temperature - Operation14 to 113 ºF (-10 to 45 ºC)
Temperature - Storage-4 to 167 °F (-20 to 75 °C)
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