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Solutions for Theaters

Create meaningful connections with the communities you serve when audio experiences are accessible to everyone.

Accessible and Inclusive

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Deliver an Awesome Experience

For an estimated 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss, traditional sound systems are not enough. Not being able to hear at live events, movies, and performance art can be frustrating, isolating, and leave guests feeling disconnected. 

Provide an inclusive, accessible, and compliant assistive listening system to deliver an awesome experience to more of your guests.

Globally Compliant

Choose from a variety of technology options all designed to ensure compliance.

Easy to Use

Guests can spend their time enjoying your venue, not worrying about complicated equipment or adjusting settings. 

Accessible and Inclusive

Ensure your venue is accessible and an inclusive and welcoming space. 

Simple Solutions

It can be difficult to find an assistive listening technology that is simple, reliable, and works for everyone. Theaters around the world have been using our solutions to include and engage their communities for over 20 years.


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Flexible Technology Solutions for Theaters

Radio Frequency


Radio frequency is the standard technology on which most assistive listening systems are built. Audio sources are wired to a transmitter and listeners use receiver units to tune in to the audio source. Radio frequency systems from Listen Technologies provide regulatory compliance and crystal clear audio.

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Audio Over Wi-Fi


With Listen EVERYWHERE, the audio source is connected to a server to stream the audio over a Wi-Fi network. Users access the audio using an app on their own device or use provided devices, to access the channel of their choice. A cost-effective way to broadcast audio to a group.

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Portable Communication


Portable radio frequency systems are used for two-way communication within a group. The leader units are hands-free and participants simply push a button to talk back. Applications include facility tours, group training, back-stage communications, and language interpretation – anywhere you want to engage a group.

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Listen IR

Infrared systems provide line of sight security for audio. ListenIR systems transmit audio to anyone with a receiver in the line of sight of the emitter. ListenIR has the best range and reception of all infrared assistive listening systems in the market. Line-of-sight systems are used where security is essential. 

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Case Studies


Central Hall Westminster

Central Hall Westminster

With such a rich history of speakers and gatherings, it is crucial for Central Hall to use audio equipment that provides visitors and listeners with an excellent auditory experience. This commitment to providing an excellent experience extends to every visitor, including patrons with hearing loss.

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Kingsbury Hall

Kingsbury Hall

Kingsbury Hall opened its doors on May 22, 1930. Since then, many nationally recognized performers have appeared on the Kingsbury stage. Local performing arts companies such as the Utah Symphony|Utah Opera, Ririe Woodbury, Ballet West, and Repertory Dance Theatre all got their start at Kingsbury Hall.

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George Street Playhouse

George Street Playhouse

George Street Playhouse has been entertaining the New Brunswick, NJ community since 1974. They received a grant to upgrade their assistive listening system, the existing system was outdated and problematic resulting in a poor user experience. After researching options and possible systems, George Street Playhouse chose a new radio frequency system. 

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