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ADA Calculator, ALD Locator and other information to help you understand the ADA requirements for assistive listening.

Navigating through the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can often prove to be a challenge for organizations to easily understand the intent of ADA, in particular Title III and providing assistive listening devices for hard of hearing people.

Here is a handy locator that will help you find venues that have assistive listening technology installed. You can search by FM systems, Infrarad systems, or Hearing Loop systems and find venues zip code or city and state.

Below on this page you will find several ADA calculators -an online version, a downloadable PC version, and where to get our smart phone ADA applications for both Android and iPhones. Also on this page are an interactive white paper, ADA systems overview, and Table 219.3.

Listen ADA ALD Compliance Calculator
Enter the capacity in the assembly area
Minimum Assistive Listening Devices required
Minimum number of LA-166 units required

ada-calculatorThe calculator allows you to enter the number of seats in a venue to calculate the minimum number of assistive listening devices and neck loops needed to meet new 2010 ADA requirements. You can install this on your PC and run it whenever you would like.

Installation Instructions:
(Please do not open without saving first)
1. Download the program by [clicking here].
2. Save the program to your desktop.
3. Open the folder and run the set up.
4. Pin the icon to your start up menu or task bar. Note - it will automatically create an icon on your desktop.
5. Discard the folder when complete or leave it on your desktop.
6. The program can be uninstalled at your discretion in the control panel of your PC.

If you experience any difficulties, contact Listen Tech Support at 1.800.330.0892, +1.801.233.8992 or email

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DOWNLOAD our ADA CALCULATOR as a smart Phone App :
The iPhone application is available on iTunes.
The Android application is available on
Search for 'Listen ADA Calculator' on either site.

Either click links below to view within your browser or right click link and select
"save as targets" (PC) or "download linked file as" (MAC)

Desktop Format
listen-ada-solutions-interactive-white-paper(52 MB) Listen ADA Solutions Interactive White Paper
For: Desktop viewing (PC & MAC)
Contains: Embedded Flash videos and external links

Mobile Device Format
listen-ada-solutions-interactive-white-paper(1 MB)Listen ADA Solutions Interactive White Paper
For: Email sharing and mobile device viewing
Contains: External links. You will need to use an e-reader application to view on your device. GoodReader is recommended for optimal viewing. It is a free app.

After reading this interactive white paper you will understand:

- 2010 changes to the ADA – as it relates to ALDs
- Impacts of hearing loss
- Why providing assistive listening is not just about compliance
- How to meet the requirements of your facility or project
- Funding an assistive listening system

Listen ADA Systems Overview

Listen offers three FM (RF) ADA systems and one Infrared ADA system. Compliant with today's Department of Justice Title III of the ADA for assistive listening systems, each of the Listen ADA systems provide all the necessary components to meet the new standards for the minimum number of receivers/ALDs required based on the capacity of seating of assembly areas. And, they also meet the standards for the number of receivers/ALDs that are required to be hearing aid compatible. See table below.

All systems can be installed for use in assembly areas where audible communication is integral to the use of the space. Ideal for classrooms, public meeting rooms, public hearing rooms, legislative chambers, motion picture houses, auditoria, theaters, playhouse, dinner theaters, concert halls, centers for performing arts, amphitheaters, arenas, stadiums, grandstands, or convention centers, and more.

The Infrared system delivers a secure, interference-free audio signal.

Systems are available for a free 30-day no obligation demonstration. All four systems are available for shipment immediately. Systems are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Capacity of Seating
in Assembly Area
Minimum Number of
Required Receivers
Contact Listen for customized quote to accommodate area
Minimum Number of
Required Receivers Required
to be Hearing-aid Compatible
(using Listen LA-166)
50 or less
51 to 200
2, plus 1 per 25 seats
over 50 seats*
201 to 500
2, plus 1 per 25 seats
over 50 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
501 to 1000
20, plus 1 per 33 seats
over 500 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
1001 to 2000
35, plus 1 per 50 seats
over 1000 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
2001 and over
55 plus 1 per 100 seats
over 2000 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
*Or fraction thereof

For a summary of 2010 changes to Assistive Listening Systems (click here)

For a full list of ADA resources (click here)

The Listen Technologies Auditory Assistance System wirelessly transmits noise-free sound to individual patrons. The system was selected for its flexibility which allows parts and pieces to be utilized in a range of meetings, conventions as well as at arena events. We are committed to giving our guests the best experience possible while visiting our facilities and Listen Technologies is an important part of that service.

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