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Top 10 Things I Loved About AV Week 2013

It’s hard to believe that AV Week is already a week ago. Since then I’ve had the chance to reflect on the various activities that took place to celebrate our industry and build awareness in Utah about the impact of our industry. 2013 marked my 7th AV Week and so I give you the top 10 things I loved about 2013 (in random order—too hard to rank). 

Pursuing Happiness in 2012

For many of us celebrating New Years is about the opportunity to start fresh and consider how the year ahead can be different. For me a part of considering what lays ahead is pursuing what makes me happy. Even the greeting “Happy New Year” suggests that happiness should be the priority.

Julian Treasure at xSolutions

The Sound Agency’s goal is to optimize an organization’s BrandSound™ Led by Chairman Julian Treasure a man passionate about sound and importance and impact of sound in our lives, The Sound Agency has developed models and methods for businesses to improve its results by becoming conscious about its sound.
Julian Treasure is one of few people with three talks on the prestigious TED.com website. We used his “Sound Matters” talk in a recent interactive white paper.

Team Listen Trek Will Be Rockin’ The Walk4Hearing™

On October 15 the Listen Trek Team will participate in the Salt Lake City Walk4Hearing™ to step up in support of the hearing loss community. Over the last nine months or so I’ve been involved with the local volunteer organizing committee planning the Walk. These are dedicated individuals that are working very hard so that walk day will be a lot of fun for people of all ages.

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