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A collage of different listen technologies products (Listen EVERYWHERE, headsets, ListenTALK, ListenIR, and ListenRF)

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Are you looking for a stationary or portable
system? Whether you need to meet ADA law, need a portable group communication system, need to provide translation services or a combination – we can help. Select ALL that apply to you.
  • Stationary: Built into your facility to provide services in one area.
  • Portable: A group communication system that moves around with the leader.
  • Both: A system that has some built in components, and some portable. Like a stage theater (stationary), that also provides group tours (portable).

Tell us about the seating capacity of your
venue ADA Compliance is calculated on a room by room basis, by entering the capacity for each individual room we can calculate the total hardware you’ll need to be compliant whether you have 1 room or 10.

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Do you offer guided group tours or
group trainings? Do you offer tours of your facility? Do you operate a leisure tour? Any time you are in a large group traveling together and communication is critical, you’ll want to answer YES!

How many people, including the leader,
participate in a tour or training? This would be the total amount of people in any single tour group.

How many groups tour or train at the
same time? Or have any overlap? You may have 1 group of 157, which would require 157 units, or you may have 4 groups of 10 which may require only 40 units.

At it's MOST noisy, how loud is your
environment? Your tour may start out in a quite area but if it gets SUPER loud somewhere else you’ll want a headset designed to handle the loudest areas.

Does your audio need to be secured or
encrypted? Some organizations need the audio to be encrypted, like court proceedings or board meetings. If you don’t have a special security need select, No.

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The Hardware You’ll Need For:

ADA Compliance

ADA law requires you provide certain quantities of each. Based on your venue size, you will need:



Neck Loops


Guided Tours

Transceivers: {{results.tourRecommendation.qty}}

Recommended Headset Other Headset Options
Boom with Mic
Boom on Ear
Boom Over
Ear (NR23)
Boom Over Ear
& Hard Hat (NR25)
Guided Tours


Recommended Headset:
LA-452 - Over Head with Boom Mic

Boom with Mic
Boom On Ear
Boom Over
Ear (NR23)
Boom Over Ear
& Hard Hat (NR25)
In Ear with
Mic (NR29)
In Ear (NR29)

Technologies we’d recommend to:

Communicate With Your Audience

Radio Frequency


RF is a staple for providing assistive listening across a variety of applications and venue types.

  • Range of up to 3000 ft
  • Large or small venue applications
  • Superior audio quality
Learn More

Audio over Wi-Fi


Our Audio Over Wi-Fi solution, Listen EVERYWHERE, allows a venue to stream audio directly to the guest’s smartphone via our free app.

  • Runs on your existing network
  • Up to 1000 simultaneous users
  • Guests can use their own device
Learn More

Portable RF


ListenTALK is a portable one- or two-way system that can be used for tours, training, and as an assistive listening system.

  • Easy, 1-touch group setup
  • Ideal for quiet or noisy environments
  • Up to 10 groups, unlimited participants per group
Learn More



Infrared, or IR, is used where amplified audio needs to be private or contained within the room

  • Ideal for secure/contained environments
  • Reliable signal across 30,000 square feet
  • Inconspicuous, sleek profile
Learn More

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