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Project: VIP Tours Fulfillment Center

Product: ListenTALK
Location: Monroe, Ohio

A global fulfillment center processes two million packages per day at its flagship handling facility, using a visually stunning network of high-speed conveyors, sorting equipment, docks, aircraft staging ramps, and cargo planes. That number jumps to an astonishing four million packages during the holiday season.


They regularly host facility tours for corporate executives from around the world. The daily tours are a combination walking and riding to move guests through indoor and outdoor spaces and several high-decibel environments where hearing can be difficult. Because of the background noise and changing environments, the fulfillment center needed an audio solution that would ensure every tour participant could hear clearly and understand the tour guide.


The fulfillment center sought help from assistive listening manufacturer Listen Technologies.
It uses Listen Technologies’ award-winning ListenTALK to facilitate communication and collaboration on tours of the facility. The wireless system features a sleek, wearable transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) that enables mobile group communication with the push of a button. Tour guides wear the transceiver on a lanyard around their neck, accompanied by a headset with microphone. There is nothing to carry, so guides’ hands are free to point out sights. Participants wear the transceiver on a lanyard and listen through standard earbuds or an over-the-ear speaker. Clear audio is transmitted from the guide’s transceiver to each participant.
Tour participants can adjust the volume to suit their needs and ask questions simply by pressing and holding the “talk” button on their transceiver. The system’s long range means guides do not have to shout or walk backwards to be heard over background noise and distance.


The ListenTALK system changed the way the fulfillment center runs its tours and increased their effectiveness. ListenTALK is easy to set up and intuitive to use. The fulfillment center can customize the display on each transceiver unit to reflect each VIP user’s name or corporate brand. Tour guides can quickly charge multiple units in a docking system tray and feel confident the units will remain charged for the duration of a tour. The system is reliable and encrypted.

• Enables participants to hear in every environment
• Provides a more engaging tour
• Interpretation mode

System Components

ListenTALK Transceivers

Docking Station


Enhance customer engagement and provide a better experience on facility tours.

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