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Combo Compliance Systems

Compliant assistive listening systems that leverage
two technologies for an exceptional, inclusive experience.

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The Listen Technologies’ Combo Compliance Systems are a great solution for assistive listening. The multiple-channel audio is delivered directly to guest’s smartphones through a free, fully customizable app, or through a radio frequency or infrared receiver. 

Combining traditional assistive listening systems with Listen EVERYWHERE allows you to be compliant and use the latest technology your guests will love. A better, more inclusive system lets guests decide how they utilize an assistive listening system.

The Combo Compliance Difference

Innovative Technology

Combine infrared or radio frequency with the latest streaming technology.

Bring Your Own Device

Allow guests to access your audio via their own familiar, smart device.

Compliant Solution

Combining technologies meets compliance standards for audio accessibility.

Customizable App

Fully brand and customize the free app with your colors, messages, and labels.

Simplicity is Key

Combo systems are easy to install, maintain, and use.

Flexible Options

Pair Wi-Fi with infrared (secure audio) or radio frequency (large spaces) technology.

Combo Compliance Systems Comparison

Combo Compliance Systems pair Wi-Fi streaming with either a radio frequency or infrared assistive listening system. 

LCS-121-01 LCS-122-01
RF / Wi-Fi
IR / Wi-Fi
Secure Channels


304 m (1,000 sq. ft.) / Network Dependent
9,144 m (30,000 sq. ft.) / Network Dependent
Receivers / Neckloops Included
2 Receivers & 2 Neckloops / BYOD
2 Receivers & 2 Neckloops / BYOD
Mounting Hardware Included

Dante Enabled
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Advantage

Give your guests a choice. With a Combo Compliance System, guests can choose an iDSP receiver or their own, familiar device – their smartphone – to experience your audio. When guests use the BYOD option, you can leverage the Listen EVERYWHERE app to customize their experience. 

The App

The Listen EVERYWHERE app allows you to fully customize and brand your guests’ experience. 

Preview of what the Listen Everywhere App looks like on a smart phone
Brand and Customize

The free app is managed through Listen EVERYWHERE cloud services and can be customized to your branding. You control the colors, text banners, sliding promotional banners, a welcome ad or video, links to content (websites, event agendas, PDFs, and more), and custom labels for channels.

Private Channels

The private channels feature allows you to password protect one or all channels to control who has access to the streaming audio. Easily change the status and password in the admin section of the app.

Easy to Use
  1. Guests connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  3. Access the channel of their choice and enter any required password if the channel is designated as private.
  4. Use their own headphones or earbuds to access audio. 
iOS and Android

The free app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play and works with both iOS and Android devices.

Download the free app from one of the links below:

iPhone App Store

Google play

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Higher Education

Higher Education

Students that can hear clearly are better equipped to learn and comprehend and that leads to better performance. Plus, you can use Listen EVERYWHERE for interpretation, guest presentations, and more.

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Listen EVERYWHERE offers courtrooms securely encrypted audio for assistive listening and interpretation. You can use one system in a courthouse and accommodate each courtroom on different channels.

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Listen EVERYWHERE allows businesses to provide assistive listening and interpretation with secure (256-bit encryption) audio for important meetings and presentations where security is critical.

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Listen EVERYWHERE can be used in hotel lobbies, airports, scenic tour destinations, and at landmarks and museums. Easily stream TV audio, cinematic pre-recorded tours, or use it as an assistive listening system.

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From performing arts and civic centers to sports bars and casinos, Listen EVERYWHERE is used to provide exceptional listening experiences. Use Listen EVERYWHERE as an assistive listening system or provide audio for multiple screens.

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House of Worship

House of Worship

Everyone can fully hear, experience, and connect with your message with Listen EVERYWHERE. Plus, congregants can stream your service audio in overflow areas and cry rooms or listen in their language if you offer interpretation. 

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