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Versatile, 3-in-1 solution supports assistive listening, language interpretation, and tours

BLUFFDALE, UTAH – May 18, 2022 – Listen Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 23 years, announced that its ListenTALK solution has won a Top New Technologies (TNT) Award from Commercial Integrator and CE Pro. The 2022 TNT Awards recognize new and outstanding products and services in the commercial and residential A/V industry. Winners were announced during the opening day of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 in Barcelona.

ListenTALK won in the commercial products category Audio Distribution Systems. A team of integrators from around the world judged the award entries. They focused on technological innovation and the benefits of products and solutions to integrators and end-users.

Versatile and Inclusive Communication System

ListenTALK is a mobile communication system that helps people hear in any environment while maintaining a safe physical distance. In 2021, Listen Technologies expanded functionality in ListenTALK with a firmware update and added a powerful new capability that seamlessly supports simultaneous interpretation.

ListenTALK helps overcome the challenges that distance, background noise, hearing loss, language, and face coverings pose to clear communication. It is ideal for assistive listening, language interpretation, guided tours, group training, and more. In addition to simultaneous interpretation, ListenTALK enables whispered, consecutive, liaison, and relay interpretation.

“We are honored to win a TNT Award for ListenTALK and to be recognized by integrators for our efforts to provide a flexible, powerful solution that can be used to overcome communication challenges in a variety of settings – from houses of worship and factories to courtrooms and classrooms,” said Sam Nord, vice president of global sales, Listen Technologies.

How ListenTALK Works

ListenTALK features a small, lightweight transceiver (combined transmitter/receiver) that users can wear around their neck and plug into personal, or venue-provided, headphones or headsets. To speak, users press and hold a button on the transceiver. Clear audio is transmitted to other transceivers paired to their ListenTALK unit. Users can hear as far away as 100 meters indoors and 200 meters outdoors.

Transceivers are easily grouped in a docking station or by tapping units together using near field communication (NFC). Leaders in each group choose how their group communicates by selecting one of three communication modes: Listen only, respond, and discuss. Leaders can easily switch between communication modes.

Interpreters can use one ListenTALK unit to hear a presenter’s message in their headset and speak the translated words to their audience using one unit hands-free. Interpreters do not need to carry a separate receiver and transmitter or juggle two headsets or a microphone to hear audio from the presenter and listeners and to relay interpretations to listeners.

Up to 20 simultaneous groups can be created, and languages can be interpreted in the same space in North America and Japan, and up to 30 simultaneous languages can be interpreted in the same space in Europe.

Delivering Exceptional Listening Experiences

Listen Technologies works closely with integrators to understand customers’ listening challenges and incorporates their insights in product and solution design.

“Our channel partners are invaluable in helping us understand the barriers to clear communication that customers experience,” added Nord. “Integrators can feel confident ListenTALK will meet their customers’ unique needs and deliver the exceptional sound quality and elegant simplicity they have come to associate with all Listen Technologies solutions.”

“There are many reasons that members of the commercial AV community go to ISE, but foremost among them is to check out new products that will help integrators deliver outstanding outcomes to their clients,” said Dan Ferrisi, editor-in-chief of Commercial Integrator. “The technology innovations that the TNT Awards@ISE celebrate lie at the heart of those incredible end-user experiences. Across commercial environments and technology categories, this year’s submissions are just a fantastic representation of the very best that commercial AV has to offer.”

To learn more about how ListenTALK can support assistive listening, language interpretation, and tour needs, please visit https://www.listentech.com/listentalk/.

About Listen Technologies

Venues and tour operators lose business when people struggle to hear and engage. Listen Technologies enriches lives by delivering audio directly to the individual so everyone can hear clearly and share in the same great experience. We help people listen and participate in environments where hearing is difficult, whether on a guided or self-guided tour, in a house of worship, a theme park, theater, or other venue. Our solutions provide technology and storytelling services that help venues and tour operators increase business. Our vision is to improve life’s experiences through sound by providing exceptional audio and content anytime, anywhere, on any platform. To learn more about how Listen Technologies provides a better way to hear the world, visit www.listentech.com.

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