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Interpretation technology should break down barriers – not create them.

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Simple and Reliable

Wireless and Portable

Legendary Support

ListenTALK allows interpreters to hear the source language and simultaneously deliver interpretation to an unlimited number of participants from one ListenTALK unit and headset with no additional equipment needed. Groups can be configured for a relay interpretation scenario as well.


Check out our ListenTALK Guide for Interpretation Mode

ListenTALK Two-Way Communication System

ListenTALK for Interpretation

Wireless Solution

ListenTALK is portable! No installation means you can use it anywhere.

Flexible Options

Supports all types of interpretation including simultaneous and relay.

All-in-One System

Receive and transmit language interpretation from a single unit and headset using interpretation mode.

Business man shaking hands with a man in front of international flags.

Secure and Reliable

Encryption for privacy and reliable performance backed by a warranty.

Simplicity for All

You will be surprised just how simple ListenTALK is to set up and use.

Easy Group Set Up

Set up groups in less than one minute in the docking station or by tapping two devices together.

Infographic about Global Technology: 1.9 GHZ band DECT full duplex. Two way communication: leader and guests can talk freely back and forth. Encrypted security: DECT signal is encrypted and pairing through NFC or dock. Reduced Interference: DECT is constantly scanning for interference. Dedicated frequency band: operates on 1.0 GHz band, so no static interference issues. Improved audio quality: Automatically moves an entire group to clearest channel.

Simple and Flexible

A simple, portable, and reliable solution built for the future,  ListenTALK allows participants to listen in their language and focus on the message instead of being distracted by complicated equipment. No wires, no complicated setup, and no worries!

Use Inside or Outside

Use ListenTALK indoors or outside. The typical range for indoor use is 100 m (328 ft) and  200 m (656 ft) for outdoor use.

One System, Many Uses

ListenTALK accommodates simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, relay, and liaison interpretation.

Simplified Group Management

Leaders enjoy the flexibility to easily configure groups on the go by simply tapping units together.

Simple Pairing with Near-Field Communication

Near-field communication means group management with ListenTALK takes less than a minute. Simply tap the leader unit to add a device to the group.

  • Add devices on-the-go
  • Simple and saves time
A man in a light blue short-sleeved button down shirt tapping his ListenTALK devices to pair it with a brunette woman in a blue blouse. There is also a logo in the top left-hand corner that says NFC and has waves on it. NFC stands for near-field communication.

Seamless Interpretation

Interpreters can hear the source language and simultaneously deliver interpretation to an unlimited number of participants from one ListenTALK unit and headset with no additional equipment needed. Groups can be configured for simultaneous, whisper, relay, liason, or consecutive interpretation.

Infographic on Multi-Language diagram displaying an English group that can be translated to a French Group and a German Group.
One system for all interpretation types infographic with the following icons: Simultaneous, Whisper, Relay, Liason, Consecutive

A Closer Look at ListenTALK

ListenTALK is the preferred choice for portable, simple interpretation. The components of a ListenTALK system include:

Product image of ListenTALK transceivers in docking station with headphones and lanyards.
Transceivers and Receivers
Each ListenTALK system requires one transceiver and can be combined with additional transceivers for both one-way and two-way communication or receivers for one-way communication. The ListenTALK transceiver is a combined transmitter and receiver. Transceivers and receivers are lightweight and easy to use and are equipped with Listen Technologies’ exclusive encryption technology and push-to-talk functionality. 

Choose from different headsets designed for a variety of environments, from quiet to loud. Mix and match different headsets at any time to meet your needs. Plus, the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack also allows anyone to use their own earbuds or headsets for maximum comfort. 

See all Headsets

Docking Stations

Docking stations charge, store, and pair the ListenTALK transceivers.

  • Charges, stores, and pairs ListenTALK transceivers and receivers
  • Each charging slot securely locks and holds units for a reliable connection each time 

See all Docking Stations


Accessories complement every application by adding functionality and features to customize your system based on the needs of your environment. From extra lanyards, to cable management, to smartphone cables, to disinfecting wipes, accessories enhance the functionality of the ListenTALK system.

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We are so confident you will love our products, we will ship out a system for you to try it before you buy it.

Setting Up Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpretation technology should be the least of your worries so we have used our 20+ years of innovating interpretation technology to create a simple yet powerful solution, ListenTALK. 

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Interpretation Systems Insights

Walnut Street Baptist Church Facilitates Community and Connection with ListenRF

Walnut Street parishioners love the new ListenRF 72 MHz system for its crystal clear audio, the small and simple receivers, and the way it’s allowing them to connect with their family and community. The use of the system for interpretation means that grandparents, parents, and children can attend church services together in their community and all hear the same message – without language being a barrier to their connection.

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