Hearing Loop Receiver with Lanyard Package

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The LP-IL-1 is a high quality audio hearing loop receiver which allows a non-hearing aid user to listen to the audio that is being produced by the Hearing Loop system. The receiver also provides a visual as well as auditory confirmation with the included headphone and ear pieces allowing for facility managers and system installers to check system performance.

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One (1) Hearing Loop Receiver with Lanyard
One (1) LA-366 High Capacity 9V Alkaline Battery for LR-IL-1
One (1) LA-161 Single Ear Bud
One (1) LA-164 Ear Speaker
One (1) LA-165 Stereo Headphones
One (1) LA-405 Universal Stereo Ear Buds
One (1) LA-163 Replacement Cushions for Ear Buds (20)
One (1) LA-167 Replacement Cushions for Stereo Headphones (10)
One (1) User’s Guide


  • This complete loop receiver package comes with the Listen Loop receiver, 9V battery and a variety of headphone and ear piece options with replacement cushions
  • Allows the user without a hearing aid to listen to hearing loop system using a pair of headphones.
  • Essential for installers, venue managers and even organizers to check the induction loop system is working

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Frequency Response85 Hz - 6 kHz ± 0.5 dB
Distortion< 0.5% THD @ 1 kHz


Battery StatusOK when LED Illuminated


Output Power110 dBA SPL at 16 Ohm Load


Battery Type9V Alkaline
Battery LifeApproximately 100 hrs.


Width2.5 in. (63 mm)
Height4.0 in. (102 mm)
Depth.87 in. (22 mm)
Shipping Weight1.2 lbs. (0.6 kg)
Weight.31 lbs. (.14 kg)




+What is spill or overspill?

Overspill occurs when the magnetic field created by hearing loop can be heard outside of the looped area (such as a room). The field is “spilling” outside of the looped area and can affect other nearby loop systems.