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Listen Ultimate Level II Stationary RF System (216 MHz) (Limited Quantities)

Limited Quantities

The LS-51 Listen Ultimate Level II system offers top-level performance just like the Level I system, complete with the quality and clarity of our LR-500 digital display receivers. Thanks to a coverage range of up to 914.4 m (3,000 ft.), the LS-51 is perfect for larger spaces with a capacity of up to 100 people. The programmable LR-500 receivers also make the system ideal for multi-channel audio systems, from language interpretation to multiple training sessions, conferences, and more. Additionally, the included universal antenna and rack mount kits offer additional flexibility for permanent installations and include everything needed to immediately begin offering assistive listening.

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One (1) LT-800-216-01 RF Transmitter (216 MHz)
One (10 LA-122 Universal Antenna Kit (72 MHz and 216 MHz)
One (1) LA-326 Universal Rack Mounting Kit
Four (4) LR-500-216 Portable Programmable Display RF Receiver (216 MHz)
Four (4) LA-164 Ear Speaker
Two (2) LA-438 Advanced Neck Loops (Adult)
One (1) LPT-A107-B Dual RCA to Dual RCA Cable 2 m (6.6 ft.)
Four (4) LA-361 High Capacity AA Alkaline Batteries (2)
One (1) LA-304 Assistive Listening Notification Signage Kit


  • Feature-packed, multi-channel assistive listening system and all accessories
  • LR-500 Digital Display Receivers provide listeners with outstanding audio quality and the ability to manage channel selection
  • Universal antenna kit and rack mount kit included for immediate installation and setup
  • Capable of transmitting on up to 57 digital channels, each offering digital locking for reliable signal
  • Includes alkaline batteries, signage kit, and more

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+What is the function of SQ?

To reduce noise of the systems, Listen offers a noise reduction technology called ListenSQ™. Both the transmitter and receiver must have SQ on to achieve the desired results. If you are planning to use this product with older Listen systems or equipment not manufactured by Listen, you should disable SQ.

+What is the transmission range of the LS-51-216 system?

Up to 3,000 ft. (914.4 m) with included universal antenna kit options.

+Can the LR-500 be used with multiple transmitters?

Yes. We recommend the LR-500 for use with multiple transmitters. The LR-500 is programmable and can be set to just those channels you need.

+How many receivers can I have in a system?

As many as you need, the number is endless.

+How many channels can I program into the LR-500?

One to 57. The receiver has 57 channels and you can program it to have just the channels you want to access. It can be a two channel receiver, a 12 channel receiver, or keep all channels.

+How long do the batteries last on the LR-500 receiver?

Alkaline batteries last 30 hours. NiMH rechargeable batteries last 15 hours (72 MHz and 216 MHz). With 863 MHz, Alkaline batteries last 20 hours and NiMH rechargeable batteries last 10 hours.

+What are the ADA changes related to assistive listening systems?

Simply put, any public assembly area where audible communication is integral to the use of the space, an assistive listening system shall be provided. The assistive listening receivers need to comply with the following table below. For full details visit:

+Is there a limit to the number of transmitters I can use in one room?

Yes. The 72 MHz LT-800-072 has a maximum of (8) eight.