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The LS-95 is a Level III Advanced iDSP system, offering additional equipment to meet the needs of venues with up to 100 seats.

The system includes our LT-84 Transmitter/Radiator Combo, four (4) LR-5200-IR Advanced iDSP Receivers, 12-unit charging tray, log book, cable management unit, and more—everything needed to immediately offer the highest quality assistive listening experience.

The LS-95 is an ideal solution for classrooms, boardrooms, meeting spaces, theaters, and countless other spaces where secure audio transmission and outstanding signal clarity are needed.


One (1) LT-84-01 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo
Four (4) LR-5200-IR Advanced Intelligent DSP IR Receiver
Four (4) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
Four (4) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker
One (1) LA-422 USB to Micro USB Cable
One (1) LA-381-01 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray
One (1) LA-382 Intelligent Cable Management Unit
One (1) LA-904 Listen Dispensing Log Book


  • Advanced iDSP IR assistive listening system with our LR-5200-IR receivers included
  • Pre-configured system designed for simple and immediate installation
  • 12-unit charging tray makes it easy to add and store additional receivers
  • Ideal for small- to mid-size venues with up to 100 seats
  • Provides outstanding coverage up to 2,787 m2 (30,000 ft2)
  • Designed for multi-channel applications where users need the ability to select audio source/channel themselves
Configurations & Architectural Specs


LS-95-01 ListenIR Advanced iDSP Level III System (North America)

Architectural Specs

Furnish and install an IR wireless assistive listening system for use by the hearing-impaired. The assistive listening system (ALS) shall be capable of broadcasting up to two (2) audio channels with the choice of four (4) mono carrier frequencies; 2.3, 2.8, 3.3 and 3.8 MHz.  The system coverage area shall be up to 30,000 ft² (2787 m²) with single channel transmission.  The system shall have a SNR of 60 dB or better and THD of less than 2%. The system shall have an audio frequency response of 63 Hz to 15 kHz, +/- 3db.  The system shall have two (2) independent mixing audio inputs, one for each transmission channel. Each mixing input shall consist of one (1) 3.5 mm Microphone input, one (1) balanced Phoenix type input and one (1) unbalanced RCA input. The system shall have independent channel audio processing with Limiting, Compression and Noise Gate as well as transmit level control and level indication via an LED.  The system shall provide Power and RF signal for up to Four (4) Expansion Radiators over CAT-5 cable for additional coverage.

The system receivers shall be capable of receiving on four (4) wide band channels (carriers), Channel 1 (2.3 MHz), Channel 2 (2.8 MHz), Channel 3 (3.3 MHz) and Channel 4 (3.8 MHz).  The receivers shall have a programmable multi-function Listen button that can be tuned for the venues desired channels and electronically lock out any unused channels. The receivers shall have the option of being lanyard or belt clip worn and the lanyard shall incorporate an integrated neck loop for compatibility with T-coil hearing aids. The receivers shall be intelligent and provide customized audio to either earphones or the integrated neck loop based upon which is connected. The receivers shall have two (2) 3.5 mm (TRRS) connectors to drive the integrated neck loop lanyard or up to two (2) mono or stereo earphones. The receivers shall incorporate a multi-functional display (OLED) that indicates battery status, inventory number, volume level and a customizable channel name. The receivers shall employ a unique iDSPTM noise reduction technology. The receiver shall be fully programmable via PC software.  The receivers shall have a micro USB connector used for programming/setup, inventory control, charging and firmware upgrades. The receiver shall incorporate automatic battery charging circuitry and use a non-proprietary lithium ion battery. The receivers shall automatically turn on when removed from the charging device and automatically turn off when returned to the charging device.  The receivers shall have additional charging contacts to allow for multiply charging options.

The Listen Technologies products are specified.

Furnish and install the following:

Listen Technologies LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo (Qty: 1 ea.) Includes: LA-210 power supply, LA-344 universal mounting hardware, and LA-303 multi-lingaul assistive listening notification sign (English, Spanish, French)
Listen Technologies LR-5200-IR Advanced Intelligent iDSP IR Receiver (Qty: 4 ea.)
Listen Technologies LA-430 Intelligent Ear phone/Neck Loop Lanyard (Qty: 4 ea.)
Listen Technologies LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker (Qty: 4 ea.)
Listen Technologies LA-422 USB to Micro USB Cable (Qty: 1 ea.)
Listen Technologies LA-381-01 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray (Qty: 1 ea.)
Listen Technologies LA-382 Intelligent Cable Management Unit (Qty: 1 ea.)
Listen Technologies LA-904 Listen Dispensing Log Book (Qty: 1 ea.)

Q What is the purpose of Squelch?
A The purpose of squelch is to mute the audio output of your receiver when the signal from the transmitter is turned off or is too weak to be received. Without squelch you would hear radio noise in your earphone. The squelch function can be programmed to the desired setting.
Q How many LR-5200 receivers can I use in a system?
A As many as you need, the number is endless.
Q How long does it take to fully charge the LR-5200?
A It varies dependent on the depletion of the battery. A fully depleted battery will charge in 2.5 hours or less.
Q What type of battery technology does the LR-5200 use?
A The LR-5200 uses a non-proprietary Lithium Ion battery.
Q How long will the LR-5200 run on a fully charged battery?
A The LR-5200 will run continuously for 8 hours on a fully charged battery.
Q How many channels (carriers) can the LT-84 produce?
A Two (2) channels.
Q How many channels (carriers) can be produced simultaneously in a room?
A Four (4) channels. You will need two (2) LT-84 (2 carriers per LT-84).
Q What is the coverage area provided by the LT-84?
A 30,000 ft² (2787 m²) single channel with LR-4200-IR/LR-5200-IR receivers or 7,500 ft² (697 m²) single channel with LR-42/LR-44 receivers
Q Does the number of channels (carriers) affect the coverage area?
A Yes, for one (1) channel (carrier), the line-of-sight coverage area is 30,000 ft² (2787 m²) and for two (2) channels (carriers), the line-of-sight coverage area is 15,000 ft² (1394 m²) with LR-4200-IR/LR-5200-IR receivers.
Q How many Expansion Radiators (LA-141) can you use on a system?
A Yes, for one (1) channel (carrier), the line-of-sight coverage area is 30,000 ft² (2787 m²) and for two (2) channels (carriers), the line-of-sight coverage area is 15,000 ft² (1394 m²) with LR-4200-IR/LR-5200-IR receivers.
Q How do I connect multiple Expansion Radiators (LA-141)?
A A maximum of two (2) LA-141s can be connected to each Expansion Link output RJ-45 on the LT-84 with a maximum daisy chained CAT-5e cable length of 100 ft. (30.5 m). CAT-5e cable must be at least 24 AWG!
Q What is the warranty of the LT-84?
A The LT-84 has a 3-year warranty. Listen Warranty
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