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The MH-4200-072-P0 package makes it easy to order a receiver and charger, allowing an exceptional listening experience in your meeting house chapel. The package includes the MH-4200-072 Receiver (LR-4200-072 with customized programming) and a LA-421 1-Port USB Charger.

With Listen’s unique DSP audio processing technology, users experience crystal clear audio that is pleasing to any user with or without hearing loss. Advanced green battery technology dramatically reduces costs of ownership and hassles while reducing the number of batteries in landfills. A field replaceable Lithium-ion battery is included with the unit. iDSP is the smallest device of its kind, making it easier to wear, use and maintain.

The MH-4200-072 has an OLED display that shows the channel name, battery status, and charge activation. Connect the iDSP neck loop/lanyard or ear phones via two 3.5 mm output jacks (receivers can be shared).  The Micro USB connection is used for charging and with the iDSP software suite for programming changes and firmware updates.

The result is an exceptional listening experience in your meeting house chapel.


One (1) MH-4200-072 Meeting House Receiver (LR-4200-072 with customized settings)*
One (1) LA-421 1-Port USB Charger
One (1) Quick Start Guide

*The MH-4200-072 comes with a non-proprietary, field replaceable Lithium-ion battery.


  • Meeting house receiver package makes ordering receiver solutions easy!
  • Ideal for personal use in venues with existing 72 MHz assistive listening systems
  • Includes MH-4200 receiver and USB charger
  • Option for integrated neck loop / lanyard with DSP loop driver improves the listening experience for T-coil users
  • Smallest device of its kind makes it easier to wear, use and maintain
  • Can be worn around the neck, with the belt clip, or concealed in a pocket, making it the most discreet listening device on the market
  • Advanced green battery technology dramatically reduces costs of ownership and hassles while reducing the number of batteries in the landfill
Configurations & Architectural Specs


MH-4200-072-P0 Meeting House Receiver Package

Architectural Specs

The MH-4200-072-P0 Meeting House Receiver Package shall include (1) MH-4200-072 Meeting House Receiver and (1) LA-421 1-Port USB Charger. The package shall be capable of receiving on 57 wide and narrow band channels.  The device shall tune to a single channel and user shall not be able to change the channel. The receiver shall have a signal-to-noise ratio of 80 dB (SQ On) / 60 dB (SQ Off) or greater and shall have an audio frequency response of 50 Hz – 15 kHz (±3 dB).  The unit shall have a programmable squelch circuit.  The unit shall incorporate a multi-functional display that indicates battery status, inventory number and channel name. The device shall have the option of being lanyard or belt clip worn and the lanyard shall have the option of an integrated neck loop. The device shall have a USB connector used for inventory control, set up, charging and firmware upgrades. The device shall incorporate automatic battery charging circuitry and use a non-proprietary lithium ion battery. The device shall have additional charging contacts to allow multiply charging options.  The Listen MH-4200-072-P0 is specified.

The MH-4200-072 Meeting House Receiver has Super Quiet (SQ) turned Off, set to channel A, the display programmed to read “Chapel” and Jack Sense turned On.

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Q What is the difference between the LR-4200 and the LR-5200?
A The main difference is that the LR-5200 is programmable with a multi-function Listen button. It gives the user an opportunity to program only the desired channels and lockout the unused channels. This makes it simple to operate for end users that need to select between multiple active channels. The Listen Button can also be used to search for an active channel and lock the receiver on a specific channel.
Q What is the purpose of Squelch?
A The purpose of squelch is to mute the audio output of your receiver when the signal from the transmitter is turned off or is too weak to be received. Without squelch you would hear radio noise in your earphone. The squelch function can be programmed to the desired setting.
Q What is the function of SQ?
A To reduce noise of the systems, Listen offers a noise reduction technology called ListenSQ™. Both the transmitter and receiver must have SQ on to achieve the desired results. If you are planning to use this product with older Listen systems or equipment not manufactured by Listen, you should disable SQ.
Q What type of battery technology does the LR-4200 use?
A The LR-4200 uses a non-proprietary field replaceable Lithium Ion battery.
Q How long does it take to fully charge the LR-4200?
A It varies dependent on the depletion of the battery. A fully depleted battery will charge in 2.5 hours or less.
Q How many LR-4200 receivers can I use in a system?
A As many as you need, the number is endless.
Q How long will the LR-4200 run on a fully charged battery?
A The LR-4200 will run continuously for 8 hours on a fully charged battery
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My overall impression is very positive. The sound is clear and connects well with my telecoils. It is lightweight and comfortable on my neck. I like that I can open the loop to put it on and off my neck so I don't attract attention and I don't mess up my hair (vanity is so important! LOL).

Kathy Evans
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