The LPT-A115 mounting bracket is used to conceal the power supply below the control unit in a wall mounted application. Bracket is easily mounted to the wall with the included hardware. A cover that matches the control unit (CU) is also included that attaches to the bracket to keep the aesthetics of the install.


One (1) LPT-A115 Mounting Bracket for LPT-A112
One (1) Cable Cover
Mounting Hardware
Four (4) #8 Long Screws
Four (4) #8 Wall Anchors


  • Great way to conceal and support the power supply brick
  • Easily mounted w/ included hardware
Configurations & Architectural Specs

Architectural Specs

The mounting bracket shall be capable of holding and locking the 19 VDC power supply brick. The bracket shall be capable of mounting underneath the Control Unit (CU) on a wall. The bracket shall include hardware for mounting to a wall. The bracket shall be capable of the cable cover to snap on and lock into place concealing the power supply. The bracket shall be white and paintable. The LPT-A115 Mounting Bracket for LPT-A112 is specified.
Product Specifications
Specification LPT-A115


Width 7.78 in. (198 mm)
Height 2.80 in. (71.1 mm)
Depth 1.75 in. (44.5 cm)
Color White (Mounting Bracket)
Color White (Cable Cover Color)
Shipping Weight 2.0 lb. (0.9 kg)
Weight 1.5 lb. (608 g)
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