Navilution Cortex – Cloud-based Tour Development Software


This proprietary, simple and easy to use cloud-based tool is based on Google maps. Cortex is used to design and plan audio tours, automated announcements and next stop messages for Navilution solutions.

This is done by planning the transportation route(s) using Cortex tools and setting the GPS triggers on interactive maps for audio delivery. Easily map any business, physical address, and point of interest directly from Google’s database using simple search features. Web maps, satellite imagery and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets provide a complete route planning experience.

Using Cortex’s content library, upload, manage and delete audio stories, voice announcements, music, and video from a single user interface— just like a music playlist.

Once completed, voice announcements and audio tour commentary are exported to a USB drive. This USB drive is then inserted into a Navilution Server, where it automatically loads the route, playlist information and audio files. Cortex basic and advanced training is available.

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  • Route planning based on Google maps.
  • GPS trigger zone planning.
  • Upload tour audio files.
  • Download audio tours to a USB stick for uploading to a Navilution Server.



+How do I get a log-in for Cortex?

+Can anyone get a Cortex log-in?

No. Only authorized partners and their customers (and prospective customers) can get a log-in.

+What does Cortex cost?

The cost of Cortex today is embedded in the purchase price of a Navilution system.

+How do I learn how to use Cortex?

Listen has several training options including on-line videos, webinars and in-person training. The training ranges from basic to advanced.

+In the future, can I add more tours, trigger points and audio stories to my system?

Yes, using Cortex you can do all of this at any time in the future.

+How do you get route information, GPS coordinates and tour audio onto the Navilution server?

Using the proprietary on-line software called Cortex, you do the tour development which includes routing planning and adding GPS trigger points on Google maps, and then uploading your audio stories to your media library. Once completed, you export the audio tour to a USB thumb drive and then simply plug the USB drive into the Navilution Server USB port. Your tour automatically updates the Navilution server.

+What happens if you go into a tunnel or a location where there is no GPS signal?

There are two ways of solving this: 1) Just before entering location of the GPS dead spot, you can GPS trigger an audio story to start with a predefined time delay and then trigger the audio story based on the time; or 2) audio stories can be manually started by the operator.

+Can I GPS trigger commentary when delayed by heavy traffic?

Yes, using Cortex you can set up audio stories for both low and high traffic scenarios, so your passengers remain entertained on routes where high traffic is a challenge.

+Can I GPS trigger audio stories if I go down a street in both directions?

Yes, your audio stories will trigger in both directions. You can assign a directional heading to a GPS trigger which means your audio story will only play based on the direction your vehicle or vessel is moving.

+Does GPS triggering work in highly remote areas?

Yes, we work with many operators around the globe, GPS triggering stories from remote mountain canyons, Norwegian Fjords to Middle Eastern deserts.

+Can I play music between audio stories?

Yes, you can use music between audio stories, an option in the online tour development software.

+What is Listen doing to improve Cortex?

Our team of programmers is constantly working to improve Cortex ensuring long term stability, ease of use as well as adding new features.