The LPT-A101 rack mount kit is used to mount up to two (2) Control Units within a single rack space (one RU). Can be used to rack mount either the LPT-C2 or LPT-C6 Control Units. Provides tie down locations and a security plate to secure units in the rack.


One (1) LPT-A101 Rack Mount Kit for CU


  • Use for rack mounting the C2 or C6 Control Units
  • Can mount up to two controls units
  • Provides tie down locations to help manage cables
  • Includes security plate to better secure units in rack
Product Specifications
Specification LPT-A101


Width 19 in. (482 mm)
Height 2 in. (558 mm)
Depth 15 in. (381 mm)
Color Black
RU Space 1 RU
RU Space 1 RU
Weight 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) w/o CU
Weight 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)
Q How many ListenPoint CU's can be rack mounted together?
A You can dual mount two (2) CU's together in a single rack space (one RU).
Q What is Listen Technologies product warranty?
A Click for Listen's product warranty.
Q What is the finish and color of the unit?
A The unit is black with a powder coat finish.
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