Standard 3-Channel RF Receiver (72 MHz)

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The LR-200-072 Standard 3-channel RF Receiver from Listen Technologies provides businesses, venues, and more with a simple and affordable way to provide assistive listening equipment for both temporary and permanent installations. Each receiver unit is simple for clients and customers to use, offering a choice between three preset channels. The LR-200-072 is compatible with all of Listen Technologies’ headphone options, and the compact design allows it to be easily carried, worn, and stored when not in use.
Note: The LR-200-072 is approved for use in the U.S. by the FCC, and may not be available for use in some other countries. Contact your local government for information about specific regulations related to broadcast frequencies.
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One (1) LR-200-072 Standard 3-Channel RF Receiver (72 MHz)
One (1) Quick Reference Card


  • Simple, affordable receiver option for basic assistive listening needs
  • Can be programmed to receive three preset channels
  • One-step digital tuning locks in a strong and consistent signal
  • Strong, clear audio performance with a 62 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Provides extended battery life with both alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Universal headphone jack with mono and stereo output capabilities
  • Backed by Listen Technologies limited lifetime warranty
  • 30-day, no-obligation demonstration available



Frequency Response50 Hz - 15 kHz (±3 dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio62 dB (A Weighted)
Distortion< 2% total harmonic distortion (THD) at 80% deviation
Output/sOne (1) 3.5 mm (0.14 in.) connectors, unbalanced, 0 dBu nominal output level, 16 mW maximum, impedance 32 ohm


User ControlsON/OFF, volumeSet Up: Alkaline/NiMH batteries, channel swtichManually lockable door


LEDsRed, illuminated when unit is on or to indicate charging, flashes when batteries are low


Number of ChannelsThree (3) Wide Band - (A) 72.100, (E) 72.900, (H) 75.900
Sensitivity.6uV typical, 1 uV maximum for 12 dB sinad
Frequency Accuracy± .005% stability 32 to 122 ºF (0 to 50 ºC)
Antenna TypeUses earphone cable


Power SupplyI/P 120VAC; O/P 7.5VDC 250 mA, drop in contact points for use with charging cases, power supply not included (LA-202)
Power Supply Connector2.3mm OD by 0.7mm ID, barrel type connector 7.5 VDC, center positive < 250mA, drop in contact points for use with Listen charging cases
Battery TypeTwo (2) AA batteries, alkaline or NiMH
Battery Life120 hours alkaline (LA-361), 75 hours NiMH rechargeable (LA-362)
Battery Charging TimeFully automatic, 10-12 hours under normal use


ColorDark grey with white silk screening and dark lens
Unit Weight with Batteries5.2 oz (147 g)
Shipping Weight1.0 lbs. (0.5 kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D)4.25 x 2.75 x 1.50 in. (10.8 x 7.0 x 3.8 cm)
Weight3.1 oz (88 g)


Temperature - Operation-10 ºC (14 ºF) to +40 ºC (104 ºF)
Temperature - Storage-20 ºC (-4 ºF) to +50 ºC (122 ºF)
Relative Humidity0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


Power Supply ComplianceRoHS, WEEE, UL, PSE, CE, CUL, TUV, CB compliant
RFFCC Part 15, Industry Canada, RoHS



+What is the charge time of the LR-200-072 using two (2) NiMH batteries?

10-12 hours under normal use.

+Can the LR-200-072 be used with the LT-800-072?

Yes. The SQ function on the transmitter must be turned off and the transmitter can only be used with one of the three optional frequencies (A, E, H).

+Can the LR-200-072 be used with the LT-700-072?

Yes. The SQ function on the transmitter must be turned off and the transmitter can only be used with one of the three optional frequencies (A, E, H).

+What are the differences between the LR-200-072 and other Listen receivers?

The LR-200-072 offers three (3) frequencies and can be changed inside the door of the receiver via a switch. The LR-200-072 does not have an LCD screen, the ability to SEEK for open frequencies, SQ (Super Quiet), squelch or programmability. Also, the Signal to Noise is 62 dB compared to 80 dB on Listen's other receivers.

+What is the battery life of the LR-200-072?

120 hours alkaline. 75 hours NiMH

+How many receivers can I have in a system?

As many as you need, the number is endless.