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Modern kitchen with cabinets from Karman

Project: Cabinetry by Karman

Product: ListenTALK
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah


Cabinetry by Karman needed a way to communicate with visitors (groups often range from 12 to 16 people) during plant tours without having to shout or compete with noisy manufacturing equipment.


Now, when Cabinetry by Karman hosts plant tours, everyone on the tour uses a ListenTALK transceiver (combined transmitter-receiver) and headphones. The tour guide can describe the process of building cabinets at each state of the build process and showcase what sets the company apart from the competition.


• Facilitates and enhances tours
• Easy to use
• Delivers outstanding performance

System Components

LK-1 ListenTALK Transceiver (12)
LA-453 Headset 3 (Over Head Dual w/Boom Mic) (12)
LA-484 Road Case 16 (1)
LA-480 Docking Station 16 (1)


Cabinetry by Karman, a division of Wellborn Cabinets, is one of the largest family-owned cabinet manufacturers in the United States. The 53-year old company in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in custom-built kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Every cabinet is built with only the finest of hardwoods that are protected by the advanced technologies of a durable catalyzed conversion finish. All cabinets are crafted with precision and quality for results that enhance any home’s décor.

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