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Front view of Frijsenborg Boarding School

Project: Frijsenborg Boarding School

Product: ListenTALK
Location: Frijsenborg, Denmark


Frijsenborg needed to upgrade its amplifying systems for hearing-impaired students and sought a technical solution that would also facilitate hearing-impaired students’ interactions with the teacher and rest of the classroom.


Using ListenTALK transceivers, one unit is used as a teacher’s microphone with an attached headset. The other units are for students – both hearing-impaired and typical-hearing students – to use as senders, receivers or both. The combined amplification of sound directly to the ears of hearing-impaired students with
ListenTALK and classroom sound field system speakers enables hearing-impaired students to clearly hear everything that is being communicated in the classroom and engage in discussion with teachers and peers.


• Enabled hearing-impaired students to hear clearly
• Inspired confidence among teachers
• Facilitated greater collaboration and engagement

System Components

ListenTALK Transceivers, Headsets and Docking Station were used to meet the Boarding School student’s needs.


Frijsenborg Boarding School, a secondary boarding school in Denmark, enrolls approximately 100 students annually; generally, 20 to 25 percent of students are hearing impaired. Frijsenborg specializes in accommodating students with hearing disabilities and including them among students with normal hearing.

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