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Front view of Calallen High School

Project: Calallen High School

Product: ListenTALK
Location: Corpus Christi, TX


Students were operating a daily show covering the news in and
around CHS in three separate locations. Camera, lighting and
sound crew members could not easily see or communicate with
each other or the anchors on set during filming. If they needed
to communicate with each other, they would send notes, gesture
or hold up signs.


The Chief Engineer (CE) applies a “leader clip” on a ListenTALK
unit to designate that he/she is the leader and communicates
information and directions to the on-air talent, students
operating cameras and teleprompters, and those working in
remote locations. Students can hear the CE through a headset
plugged into a jack on the transceiver. If they need to respond to
the CE or others in the group, they simply press the “talk” button.


• Facilitates production
• Enhances quality of broadcast
• Boosts students’ pride in work

System Components

ListenTALK Transceivers, Headsets and Docking Station created the perfect solution for their Morning Show production team.


Calallen High School is a public high school serving grades 9-12. The school is located in the Calallen Independent School District in northwest Corpus Christi, Texas. Calallen TV is home to Calallen Wildcat News, a student run live-streamed morning show at Calallen High School.

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