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Assistive Listening and Communication Solutions by Listen Technologies

InfoComm is the largest and most comprehensive professional audiovisual trade show in North America bringing together manufacturers, integrators, dealers, and end-users from around the world to showcase the latest technologies, products, and services.

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The New ListenWIFI!

ListenWIFI system photograph showing the 16-slot docking station for the LWR-1050 Receivers, the LWR-1050 receiver, an LA-490 Easy Connect Beacon, the ListenWIFI app on a smartphone, and an assistive listening plaque.

ListenWIFI is an innovative Wi-Fi streaming solution that allows people to use their smartphones or venue-provided receivers to access audio for assistive or personal listening.

The NEW ListenWIFI features new hardware, including LWR-1050 Receivers, new LA-490 Beacons, new 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-channel servers, and enhanced software that simplifies system configuration and management.

Learn more about the ListenWIFI updates. 

ListenWIFI Servers

ListenWIFI servers operate on existing networks and can easily be configured from the management software.

Bring Your Own Device

Guests use their smartphones as assistive listening devices using the free app. 

ListenWIFI LWR-1050 Receivers

The ListenWIFI LWR-1050 receivers help meet legislative compliance requirements and provides a choice. 

ListenWIFI LA-490 Beacons

Beacons make connecting to the right channel simple.

ListenWIFI App

Customize the free ListenWIFI app with unique channel names, banner ads, videos, special offers, and more.

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Stay In The Know

ListenWIFI is expected be ready to ship within the next few months. Fill out the form below to stay in the know and get notified when ListenWIFI is available.

Introducing AURI™

Introducing AURI™, powered by Listen Technologies and Ampetronic, is the first Auracast™ broadcast audio-based solution for assistive listening. AURI™ is the first complete solution to let venues and end users adopt Auracast™ broadcast audio technology for assistive listening in public spaces.

AURI™ Key Highlights:

  • The first installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast™ broadcast audio technology.
  • High quality audio multi-channel broadcast to support open or secure audio transmission, as well as multi-language support.
  • Can be used with receivers or Auracast ™ compatible devices.
  • Meets global accessibility requirements.

About Auracast™

Auracast™ is part of the new Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio specifications and is very different than classic Bluetooth®. This new standard marks the first time Bluetooth® has supported true broadcast audio, which unlocks a variety of new applications, including wide area public assistive listening.

When will AURI™ be available?

We’re scaling up production and certification now and expect to be shipping later this year. This innovative collaboration between Listen and Ampetronic represents our joint commitment to providing the best listening experiences. Email [email protected] for more info, or sign up for our newsletter below. 

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Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are part of the Allvida accessibility group. Partnering helps us secure our position as the global leader of assistive listening, and additional future product development opportunities.

Simple Solutions

Listen Technologies brings power and clarity to the sounds that enrich people’s lives—with solutions that overcome the challenges of noise, distance, clashing conversations, and hearing loss to deliver precise and personalized audio in any setting or environment.


Portable radio frequency systems are used for two-way communication within a group. The leader units are hands-free and participants simply push a button to talk back. 

See ListenTALK


With ListenWIFI, the audio source is connected to a server to stream the audio over a Wi-Fi network. Users access the audio using an app on their own device.

See ListenWIFI


ListenIR systems transmit audio to anyone with a receiver in the line of sight of the emitter. Line of sight systems are used where security is essential.


See ListenIR


Audio sources are wired to a transmitter and listeners use ListenRF receivers to tune in to the audio source. Radio frequency systems provide regulatory compliance and crystal clear audio.

See ListenRF


Listen NAVILUTION delivers GPS-triggered content that inspires, excites, and energizes guests for an extraordinary journey.


Because Everyone Deserves an Exceptional Listening Experience


K-12 to Higher Education

An exceptional education starts with great sound. Assistive listening systems help educators create enriched educational environments that improve students’ retention, focus, and imaginations with sound.

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Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship are often beautiful structures, but do not always have the best acoustics. Make sure everyone can connect to inspirational messages and music by providing assistive listening solutions.

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Government and Courtrooms

Government and Courtrooms

Government buildings and courtrooms require that individuals can hear every word. Assistive listening solutions deliver the clarity, precision, and reliability necessary in an environment where every word matters.

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Facility Tours

Proudly Showcase

Facility tours are a great way to showcase your products and production methods. Bringing partners and prospective clients onsite to show them your facility builds better relationships. 

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Lift passengers out of the ordinary and take them on an extraordinary journey with the power of storytelling. Deliver the same great passenger experience every time.

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Engaging Everyone

See a list of all the venues where engagement matters to see how you can make a difference in the listening experience of those with hearing loss.

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