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It’s Not the Hearing That Improves Life, but the Listening

An Adventure in Assistive Listening at John Rennie High School

Chris Webb (BSc. Hons. PGCE. Dip.) – Teacher at John Rennie High School and Tracey Green (MA, LSLS cert. AVed) – Itinerant Educational Specialist at MOSD

Listen Everywhere™ listen technologies allows the user to connect to the audio via their phone, and stream directly to their listening devices, or a pair of headphones. This means that anyone in the theatre who wishes to use assistive listening can access what is being said on the stage with increased ease, enjoy the sound effects, listen to music being performed or played, as well as participate in a presentation. By having the audio sent directly to the listener we can provide a clear audio feed which overcomes a poor acoustic environment for anyone listening, no matter their needs.

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January 2022: Technology Manager’s Guide to 2022 Company Roadmaps & AV/IT Technologies

AV Technology provides an unique view into the roadmaps of industry-leading AV/IT manufactures and solutions providers. They spoke with Kim Franklin, Vice President of Marking at Listen Technologies, to discuss the future of assistive listening and how Listen continues to lead the industry in developing technology and wireless listening solutions that deliver clear sound, foster inclusion, and help people engage with others.

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EP. 15: Listen Tech LE Wi-Fi Receiver Is Here!!

Paco Aguilar at Pro Tech Marketing interviews Listen Technologies Regional Sales Manager, Mikey Shaffer, to discuss updates to the Listen Everywhere product line. The new Wi-Fi receiver makes Listen Everywhere complete and allows venues to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

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Listen Technologies Unveils New Assistive Listening Receiver

Listen Technologies, provider of assistive listening, multi-language audio transmission and live streaming audio solutions, has announced the further development of its Listen EVERYWHERE product line.

The firm, which has over two decades of experience, is expanding the low-latency range with a dedicated Listen EVERYWHERE receiver, ensuring its Listen EVERYWHERE assistive listening system is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Listen Technologies’ President and CEO, Maile Keone, added to VOC’s Board of Trustees

VCO welcomes Maile Keone to their Board of Trustees.

Maile Keone
President, CEO, Listen Technologies

Maile Keone, president and CEO, is responsible for executing Listen Technologies’ strategic business plan, guiding the company’s vision and creating value for shareholders, partners, and customers. A technology industry veteran of 30 years, Maile brings a wealth of experience to her role. At Listen Technologies, she has built world-class teams. Maile serves on the board of the Women Tech Council and loves helping entrepreneurs as a board member and mentor.

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AV Nation Tech Bible 2021

Listen EVERYWHERE streams audio over Wi-Fi to smartphones via a free app. Users can listen to venue-sourced
audio from their Android and iOS devices with headphones or earbuds, or directly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.
Teachers and venue managers can customize the app to feature branded videos, documents, and promotions.

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AV+ Podcast | Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies joins this week’s #AVPlusPod to discuss assistive listening technologies and ways to make inclusive commercial AV environments for those who suffer from hearing loss.  

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Worship AVL Features Assistive Listening Technology

Regardless of the size or layout of a house of worship space, there are audio and assistive listening solutions to meet the hearing and language needs of congregants and visitors and ensure “all are welcome”.

Kim Franklin, vice president of marketing at Listen Technologies, looks at how the use of technology in houses of worship can foster inclusion. Read more >>>

Christian School Products’ 2021 Top Products of the Year!

Listen EVERYWHERE selected for inclusion in Christian School Products’ 2021 Top Products of the Year!

Every year, we give you a roundup of the hottest products and services that came across our desks from manufacturers and dealers in the school market. In every issue, every single product or service we cover in the magazine is there because we think it’s something that you will find useful . . Read more >>>


Church Production

Language Translation and Assistive Listening Solutions Help Engagement at New Jersey Church

The translation system from Listen Technologies allows grandparents, parents, and children to attend church services together and all hear the same message – without language being a barrier.  Read more >>>