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Pro AVL Asia January–February 2024

With the past few years having seen a rise in diagnoses of various neurodiverse conditions like ADHD and autism, there has also been a growing demand for earplugs and other devices that cater for their needs, as well as those generally triggered by background noise and sound  pollution.

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Commercial Integrator Honors Quest for Quality Award Winners

Kim Franklin, vice president of global marketing, comments, “All of us at Listen Technologies are honored to win a Commercial Integrator Quest for Quality Award for the second consecutive year. One of our organization’s core values is delivering an awesome experience for our people, our partners and our customers. We aim to be easy to work with and provide outstanding service in every interaction.”

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How to Choose the Best Event Communication Headsets

The ListenTALK system is suitable because it allows for two-way communication so attendees can ask questions. The ListenTALK system features an “interpretation mode” that allows an interpreter to listen to a presenter on one channel and speak to guests on another. Ten interpreters can simultaneously translate the message into multiple languages.

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Trending in Esports

Listen EVERYWHERE by Listen Technologies offers the perfect solution for streaming audio over Wi-Fi, designed to meet your needs for assistive listening, language interpretation, and TV audio, all integrated into a single system, allowing guests to choose to use their smartphone or borrow the Listen EVERYWHERE Audio Receiver.

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Trending in Esports

Assistive listening systems can support athletes and spectators with chronic or situational hearing loss by filtering out ambient noise and delivering audio from games and commentators directly to listeners’ ears via earbuds or headphones connected to receivers.

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