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E4 Experience: Listen Technologies presents Listen EVERYWHERE WiFi Receiver and Dante Capabilities

“One thing we’re really excited to show everyone is our Listen EVERYWHERE solution. What’s brand new is our actual WiFi receiver that we came out with, the 1020 receiver. Why we did this? Because everyone came to us and said, how do we make a fully networked ADA assistive listening device? This is it right here,” said Kasey Kaumans, Regional Sales Manager.

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Listen EVERYWHERE Helps Attendees Hear “Silent” 4 Wide Concert

“We are honored that Listen EVERYWHERE helped 4 Wide hold a concert where attendees could engage in a shared music experience in a way that met each person’s unique sensory needs,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “Listen Technologies is committed to fostering inclusion with listening solutions and technologies that accommodate people in whatever way they prefer.”

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ListenRF from Listen Technologies

ListenRF remains a popular choice for assistive listening and transmitting audio in different languages in houses of worship and other venues. The system amplifies the right sound and delivers focused, direct audio to the listener’s ear without amplifying ambient sound. It fosters inclusion and fellowship by ensuring everyone can hear clearly and engage fully in challenging listening environments.

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The Art of Listening

According to Sam Nord, Vice President of Global Sales at Listen Technologies, we are always interested in how technology that provides inclusivity for all regardless of physical or mental challenges will continue to proliferate. At Listen Technologies, a shared belief that motivates our work is “everyone deserves the same great experience.” Technology can help make that a reality, so I look forward to the continued development of technology that helps realize that goal.

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Listen EVERYWHERE Helps Attendees Enjoy “Silent” 4 Wide Concert

4 Wide, a popular cover band, chose an accessible venue with low lighting and Listen EVERYWHERE. With this system, individuals could adjust the music experience to their comfort level. Users download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on their smartphone and select an audio channel. Then, they can listen to clear sound via headphones or earbuds connected to their smartphone. Users can also stream audio from their smartphones to cochlear implants and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

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Marvin Uses ListenTALK to Improve Manufacturing Facilities and DC Tours

You’ll find difficult listening conditions on any manufacturing plant floor. Marvin contacted TourGuide Solutions to find a communication system for their factory tours and TourGuide Solutions recommended ListenTALK from Listen Technologies. Marvin is using ListenTALK, so that guests can easily ask questions while on tour, and the ability to engage has elevated the entire tour experience.

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4 Wide Hosts Silent Sensory Concert with Listen Everywhere

4 Wide, a popular cover band, wanted to host a free “silent” concert for neurodivergent individuals who may not be able to attend a traditional rock concert due to noise, crowds and possible overstimulation. 4 Wide chose an accessible venue with low lighting and Listen Everywhere, an audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening system from Listen Technologies, so individuals could adjust the music experience to their comfort level.

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Assistive Listening Makes Outdoor Learning Accessible

During the pandemic, many schools moved lunch periods, classes, and meetings outdoors to provide better ventilation and more space for teachers and students to gather. Assistive listening technology is available to help make outdoor learning accessible to students and educators with hearing loss, as well as those who might occasionally find it difficult to hear clearly in challenging audio environments.

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