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Listen EVERYWHERE Helps Student Fully Participate in Musical Theater

“Before I came to Fremont High School, I really couldn’t hear music that well. It wasn’t easy to provide ASL to the musical numbers at my other school because I couldn’t hear the words over the music,” said Reeve. Listen EVERYWHERE helped Reeve overcome those listening challenges and fully engage in the performance. “I’ve been so happy to be able to participate more and feel included in the production.”

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Esports Trends

Sam Nord, Vice President of Global Sales, says, “As the popularity of esports grows, expect more venues to create space for fans to watch their favorite games and players live.” He adds, “With an audio over Wi-Fi system, spectators can immerse themselves in the action they see on screen and share the experience with other fans. Systems can transmit audio in multiple languages too.”

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A Duty of the Audiovisual Industry

“The availability of hearing aids over the counter (OTC) is a tremendous leap forward in terms of affordability and access for those with hearing loss,” said Kim Franklin, vice president of Global Marketing at Listen Technologies. Hearing loss is common and not always associated with advanced age. “It is becoming more prevalent in young people at an alarming rate due to earbuds and headphones,” she added.

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Listen EVERYWHERE in High School Theater Brings Clear Audio to Those with Hearing Loss

“This means that anyone in the theatre who wishes to use assistive listening can access what is being said on the stage with increased ease, enjoy the sound effects, listen to music being performed or played, as well as participate in a presentation,” said Tracey Green, MA, LSLS cert. AVed, an Itinerant Educational Specialist from The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf.

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Listen EVERYWHERE Listening Technology aids Quebec High School

Students and other Louise Chalmers Theatre patrons who would like to use the Listen EVERYWHERE assistive listening system can download the Listen EVERYWHERE app (available in both the GooglePlay and Apple App Store) on their smartphones, select a channel, tune into the sound in the theatre, and listen to clear audio using their own headsets, earbuds, or hearing aids or cochlear implants.

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Listen EVERYWHERE Used at John Rennie High School

“Equal access matters, and for those with hearing loss, assistive technology like Listen EVERYWHERE makes the sound accessible,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “Assistive listening systems make school assemblies, theater productions, musical presentations, and community events inclusive.”

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Exertis Almo Concludes 2022 E4 Experience in Boston…And It’s Going to be BIG

This week, Exertis Almo, the value-added AV distributor, will host the fourth and final installment of its 2022 E4 Experience program in Boston. On October 20, the one-day education and business event for resellers, integrators and their end users is featuring the first double showroom. New products on display in the showroom include Listen EVERYWHERE, TALK, ListenRF, ListenIR for Assistive Listening.

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